Our Philosophy

We invite you to step into the Enchanted Garden

“At Rouge Bunny Rouge we believe everyday is worthy of a soupcon of whimsy. As if the book of the Enchanted Garden lies open in our hands, we tell its enduring tales through powders that whisper over skin, unguents that caress and cajole and mesmeric vapours that seduce the senses. With indulgent textures tied with wistful tones, each fragment is created to enhance natural beauty, allowing you to become the protagonist in your own mysterious tale.”

Alexandra De Montfort,
Founder Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Intricate and luxurious cosmetics brand Rouge Bunny Rouge melds opulence and beauty with embellished detailing in a range of colour make-up that embraces romance and whimsy alongside modern technologies and first-class ingredients.

Infused with the romanticism and fantastical fairy tales of Victoriana and regalness of Tsarism, Rouge Bunny Rouge exalts the lost art of story telling through the grace and fluidity of wordsmith voice and botanical illustration. In this manner the Enchanted Garden appears, an otherworld where fantastical characters enthral the imagination and animate the entire collection. Dive into a fantasy realm of playful sophistication with whispering dark intentions - it’s the fairy-tale but all grown-up. Founder Alexandra De Montfort merges craftsmanship with technical prowess and aesthetic vision to ensure every product is innovative, inspiring and delivers on the promise to enhance your natural beauty. The power of make-up is intriguing and mysterious, women can be transformed into whoever they want to be, but ultimately the final look should realise their fullest beauty potential.

The philosophy that skin should radiate beauty from the outset is the starting point for every piece in the collection, whether complexion product or colour. These modern heirlooms blur the lines between make-up and skin care; texture is paramount, it's the heart around which everything else flourishes. Ground breaking technologies, the latest ingredients and actives are expertly sourced to ensure the skin is repaired, improved, protected, with immediate and long-lasting results. At the same time every product is effortless to apply, feeling comfortable and lightweight on the skin. A palette of blendable, adaptable colours imbued with a luxurious sensuality provides the final delightful flourish.

Find yourself suitably entranced as the treasures of Rouge Bunny Rouge unfold like a box of memories, each detail revealing a pageant of bijou delights wrapped in the Victorian-style, fairy-tale packaging that delivers a timeless elegance. In the words of its founder - “Everything in the Enchanted Garden is profoundly life-enhancing. The poetry of our brand has an underlying wistfulness, a sort of musing nostalgia for times passed, yet something which we feel so deeply in tune with. Rouge Bunny Rouge will whisper an unheard sense of romanticism and seduction into the ear of our customers, bringing a more vibrant, magical way of living into being.”