A World of Desires

Step into the Enchanted Garden

The Victorian inspiration make our world stimulating and exciting. Our codes and symbols can be enjoyed at face value as well as for their deeper meanings, discernable by those appreciative of the brand’s cultural, linguistic and imaginary wealth. The very name ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is a spell that acts as a presage to a magical world. “Rouge” – proficiency in cosmetics. “Bunny” – a totem animal, a guide to fantastical realms. “Rouge” – the colour of passion and the most classic symbol of erotic attraction.

And our world is the Enchanted Garden. Its stories, creatures, mages, rituals, landscapes all set a scene for a magical escape, allowing our customers to metaphorically dance like nobody’s watching. 

The Enchanted Garden harbours the most stunning beauty and the most dangerous dreams. Defined by dichotomies of light and darkness, this magical place has sandy and rocky shores, mountains and deserts, oceans and forests with the most extraordinary Flora and Fauna – clearly, this place defies the laws of space and time.

Such is our world where your fantasies, desires and pleasures – often lost in daily routines – are nourished and appreciated.