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  • Mattifying Primer

    As the weather begins to warm the skin begins to produce more oil. As a result, a mattifying base may become a necessity in your routine regardless of whether your skin leans dry or oily. Our Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES is a fantastic product to have as part of your beauty arsenal - it is ideal for warmer climates, managing excess oil production, yet protecting the skin with anti-aging ingredients.

    Blanka of the Anatomy of Beauty blog recently gave our Mattifying Primer a try - find out her thoughts on this novelty below!

    Anatomy of Beauty Click above image to access Blanka's review!

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  • Liner and Lipstick Combinations

    Today we present to you a review of two of our favorite lip products, our Long-lasting Lip Pencil FOREVER YOURS... and our Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT, courtesy of Gaia of The Non-Blonde beauty blog, as well as a small compendium of liner and lipstick combinations from our range that compliment each other. It can be confusing figuring out what shade of liner will best compliment both your lips and the lipstick you're aiming to wear, especially with the large range of lipsticks we have in our collection. Read on to discover both the attributes of our lipsticks and lip liners as well as how to pick out a pair that will work together flawlessly on your lips...

    Click image above to read Gaia's review! Click image above to read Gaia's review!

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  • Fragrant Confections

    With the newest addition to our line of Fragrant Confections, Incantation, now available, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a little synopsis of each fragrance to help you whittle down your options and decide which of our scents would best characterize you.

    Sigrun of Riktig Parfym also sampled three of our Fragrant Confections and shared her thoughts on the collection. Take a look at her blog post for a customer's view on some of our scents. We should also mention that  with each order placed on our Web Boutique we are including a four-piece sampler of our Fragrant Confections!

    Fragrance Click above image to access Sigrun's blog post!

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    Spring has officially sprung! What better time to refresh your look and update your colour wardrobe than now, when the lush flowers are budding and the warmth of sunshine once again graces your skin...

    To make it a bit easier on you, we have come up with a list of five essential items that will brighten and enhance your features, rescuing you from any of the lingering winter doldrums. Read on and see what novelties we've been partial to this past month and garner ideas on how you can become as radiant and lovely as the foliage rejoicing in the happiness of the upcoming seasons!

    We Love! A few of our Spring favorites!

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  • Guest Review - Loose Glitter Pigments

    Today we bring you a guest review by our friend Shang J. of The Feminine Crusade blog. She shares her thoughts on one of our more unique novelties, the Loose Glitter Pigments FIRE DROPS. Inside you'll find helpful swatches of all the shades, a breakdown of their texture, pigmentation, effect on the eyes, and shade range. Find out why Shang describes these beauties as "by far the most awesome loose glitter pigments I have tried"!



    Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Glitter Pigments Click on image above to access blog post!

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  • Guest Review - Seraphic Veil

    Today we bring you another post featuring a lovely blogger, this time April Perez, who recently tried our Anti-ageing Moisturiser SERAPHIC VEIL! She shares her thoughts on all aspects of this hydrating, cushiony, pillowy treat for the skin, including her thoughts on the texture, scent, ingredients, and most importantly of all, the results! Click on the image below, read her post, and find out whether SERAPHIC VEIL should be the next investment in your skin-care routine...


    April Perez To access blog post, click on image above!

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  • Guest Tutorial and Review

    Today we feature both a blog post and video tutorial by our friend Zabrena of the blog My Eyeshadow Consultant! She recently invested in a trio of some of our most popular shades of Long-lasting Eye Shadows and put together a stunning and simple look that is both daytime appropriate yet easily manipulatable for a night out. Check out the blog post for both swatches and a comprehensive review of the texture, application, color, and wear of our Long-lasting Eye Shadows. For an HD video tutorial of the three shades, click on the video below!

    We thank Zabrina and hope you enjoy her hard work!


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  • Interview With Our Founder

    Today we bring you a lovely interview hosted by our friends at the London Beauty Hub. View an inside look into the mysterious and beautiful world of Rouge Bunny Rouge, including information on our founding, the basis of our name, product development, and what exciting developments we have in store for the next year!

    Alexandra de Montfort Click image to read the interview

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  • Wondegondigo's Shadow Collection

    Our beauty blogging friend at the Wondegondigo Beauty Blog recently shared her entire collection of Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Eye Shadows and swatches them all! Use it for comparison purposes, identifying shade subtleties, or simply for pure eye candy! We thank her for her continued dedication and love for all things Rouge Bunny Rouge!

    Wondegondigo's Shadow Collection Click above image to access blog article.
  • Glossy Neutral Lip

    Every woman needs a fail-proof lip that will work with anything; Dark enough to provide definition but neutral enough to work for a variety of looks and occasions. Rouge Bunny Rouge offers an amazing selection of lovely hues, today though we will showcase three specific novelties from our product range that will enhance and define your lips...

    Neutral Lip

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  • Tutorial - Nighttime Affair

    Some events call for an extra special makeup- nothing else will do than a bit of drama on the eyes. For these special nights you can rely on some of our fabulous Long-lasting Eye Shadows to give you a sultry, piercing, ultra-saturated effect.


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  • Sparkling Liquid Liners

    Looking for a fun, unique, and creative way of dressing up your eyes? Our Quartz Eyeliners DEVOTION INK could be just what you are looking for. Sparkly, gleaming, long-lasting novelties delight the senses and catch the light beautifully, twinkling in a way that is sure to attract all the right attention...

    Quartz Eyeliners DEVOTION INK from Rouge Bunny Rouge on Vimeo.

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