'Atlantis' step-by-step guide   

RBR Summer Look 'Atlantis' from Rouge Bunny Rouge on Vimeo.

To achieve the ultimate in skin perfection, follow our quick and easy steps:


Prime the skin with a deeply hydrating moisturiser. The water-based Aqua Primer PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS refreshes, plumps and minimises pores and wrinkles, providing juicy soft skin.

Follow with Tinted Moisturiser SKETCHES ON WATER (‘Adansonia’) to achieve a subtle veil of coverage that diffuses any redness or discolorations and brings a seamless, lustrous appearance to the complexion.

Apply Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION in ‘Sea of Clouds’ along the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow for an all-over illumination and fresh, clean effect.

To complete, lightly dust our Original Skin Blush FOR LOVE OF ROSES in ‘Delicata’ to sculpt and accent the cheeks with a soft, rosy-nude hue.

Apply our Flawless Face Powder PRECIOUS VELVET only if you feel the need, otherwise embrace the naturally chic look you’ve just achieved that’s perfect during the summer season.

Atlantis Rouge Bunny Rouge


Wake up the windows to your soul with the crystal clear ‘Angel’s Play’ Eye Gloss SMITHEREENS OF STARS applied to the eyes’ inner corners. You’ll accent the eyes without the need for colour. A further touch of gloss, using RBR Brows Brush 006, can be used to reshape and groom brows.

Finish with a coating of Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS ‘Titanian’ to the upper lash-line only, creating an ‘open-eye’ effect and elongating lashes.


To plump and enliven lips, apply XXX Lip Plump SWELL BLISS in ‘Sage Royal Jelly’. The peptides and hydrators inherent in the secret formula will keep lips succulently kissable.

Create the 'Atlantis' look with our step-by-step guide in PDF format.

Atlantis Rouge Bunny Rouge