Guest post: ...enjoy your carefree getaway!

JOYS & DESIRES Decadent Duos

Are you looking for the ultimate summer travel must-have tool and have only a tiny corner left in your purse? Anna, beauty blogger and photographer, recommends our multipurpose Decadent Duos. 

Any season is travel season and a wise man once said: There are two types of people that go on trips - tourists on vacation, travelers on a journey. No matter whether you're a tourist or a traveler, we all have to limit ourselves when it comes to packing. Some of us even accept the challenge to go on month-long trips with nothing but a tiny backpack. But we all have one thing in common: Pack as lightly and little as possible. And what better way to do that by combining products and go all 2-in-1? The Rouge Bunny Rouge Decadent Duos JOYS & DESIRES are the perfect jump-starters.


Combining cheek and lip colour, these bijou-sized multi-purpose duos make an indispensable travel goodie. Covering six shades in total, three different Decadent Duos save you a good amount of much needed space in your travel pouch. Whether you take them aboard and look just as glamorous when arriving to your dream destination or throwing them in your beach clutch and touching up after a romantic dinner by the sea, you can easily rely on this long-lasting, attention-grabbing make-up first aid kit.



Two sides, three purposes: blush, lipstick and lip gloss. The precise brush wand is the blush applicator though you can use the colour just as well on the lips. It'll dry down to a matte lipstick which can be topped off with the respective lip gloss (sponge tip applicator). Slightly dab the brush wand onto your cheekbones and carefully massage the colour onto the cheeks. The tiniest amount will give you an opaque result, so don't overdo it.

DecadentDuo_JOYS&DESIRES_RBR_Gloss_Sponge Samba - Tango - Rumba (from left to right)
DecadentDuo_JOYS&DESIRES_RBR_Blush_Brush Enredo - Cubana - Argentino (from left to right)

Even though the shade selection is limited to only three, I found them all to be universally flattering on any skin tone. The lip gloss has sheer coverage, evens out fine lines and is perfect for a natural to no-make up look. The packaging is quite sturdy and easy to clean, so don't be afraid of just throwing it into your purse and enjoy your carefree getaway!

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