Guest post: Teased with a couple minutes of sunshine...

SUCCULENCE OF DEW Sheer Lipstick guest post by Anna.

Creative photographer and Fenua Beauté blogger Anna has reviewed and beautifully photographed the five Sheer Lipstick SUCCULENCE OF DEW shades. She swatched every single colour of the delicate and sensuously Sheer Lipticks in different lighting including 'Murmurings', 'Dark Juices', 'Fluttering Sighs', 'Dissolved in Dreams' and 'Tongue Tickles'. 

Enjoy Anna's guest post with explanations of how the lipsticks perform during the summer season and learn what her favourite colour is: 

Teased with a couple minutes of sunshine here and there, we're more than ready to embrace the summer season that's right around the corner. It's waving at us from afar with its mischievous smile, enjoying the cheers and fan chants from the winter-pale, hungry crowd. But before we can finally indulge in long days by the pool (don't forget your SPF!) and sipping cocktails (don't drink and drive!) in balmy tropical breezes even late at night, we've got something more important to sort out first: How do we keep looking fabulous despite the heat and burning sun?


The self-explanatory term butter face wasn't made up for nothing. Personally, I have to deal with oily skin, which gets even oilier throughout the summer. Even the best setting spray has its limit and so does my skin and by the end of the day I look like a greased pan, ready to hold that good ol' apple pie dough. I cut back on wearing make-up as soon as the thermometer passes 20°C and barely ever leave the house with more than a tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip colour on my face. And I'm particularly picky about my lipsticks for the summer. I'm looking for a long-lasting, light-weight, moisturizing product providing medium coverage and giving my face an overall healthy look. That might sound like a low-demand expectation at first, but I've tried literally tons of lipsticks and was surprised by how many failed at performing these simple tasks.

Fret not, you haven't tried the SUCCULENCE OF DEW Sheer Lipsticks yet. So haven't I until I did have the chance to play around with them. Despite their name they provide medium coverage, with the lightest colours evening out the natural lip colour and hence giving a my lips but better dewy finish, which is ideal for those sporting a nude look. Covering bright reds and pinks and even a rich plum, you can easily go for a more daring look without fearing the colour will bleed, fade or worse wander down south to the chin area. Rouge Bunny Rouge generally recommends priming your lips first or setting the lipstick with a tiny amount of loose powder to ensure the longevity and intensity of the product. The latter method is especially important when you decide on a darker colour, you don't want those teeth to get stained.



My friend and I underwent a hardcore lipstick longevity test. We put on our favourite shade (mine is 'Tongue Tickles') sometime early in the morning, left the tube at home, went to work/school, had our lunch break, dinner and checked out the lipstick remains at 10pm to see how well the Sheer Lipsticks performed. And we were not let down. They don't need touch-ups, kept our lips nourished and plump thanks to the manoi butter and Vitamin E and were so easy to take off after all. No stains, no bleeding, no feathering. Referring to my actual expectations, I've only asked for little and was given so much more. Grab your shades and the lip pimp and you're all ready to dive into the summer!



Thank you very much, Anna, for your impressive pack shots and swatches making it easy to find the right colour for this hot season. You can follow Anna on Facebook & Instagram to see more of her work including inspiring photography, travel pictures and beauty shots.