Guest post: Gleaming Temptations (review & swatches)

Our extensive range of glosses graduates from a hint of a transparent rainbow to a densely vibrant richness. Some shades even come with minute pearlised particles for sparkling, bejewelled effects on your lips.

Anna, beauty blogger and photographer, had a closer look at our Gleaming Temptations collection. In this guest post, she showcases her stunning product pictures and swatches of our available shades and reveals her personal favourites.


Ocassionally, I’d check out surveys on beauty blogs targeted at readers and fellow bloggers to find out what they liked and disliked. One of the most commonly asked question is probably: “What beauty product could you easily live without?” and I’m not dramatizing when I say that the answer always turns out to be “lip gloss”. Personally, lip glosses and I have a love-hate relationship. I love what they can do to the lips, they’re perfect finishes to a gorgeous bold colour or can even add a little ‘volume’ (like the XXX Lip Plump) and it’s all gorgeous and ‚ooh’s and ‚aah’s-causing until we step out the door and walk right into a tornado breeze. Who of you has never dealt with hair sticking to your mouth? God bless you while the rest of us desperately tries to get it out with a make-up wipe we found on the very bottom of our utterly crammed purse.

Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Flowers Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Packaging Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Pack

But then again the pros always outweigh the cons to me when it comes to lip gloss: a matte lip can be polished up, you can load on tons of glitters or even make a dewy lip look matte. You can achieve a bee-stung effect or – for those amongst us who are daring – provide a yummy snack and choose flavoured lip gloss for your boyfriend. Glittery, clear, opaque, sheer – Rouge Bunny Rouge’s GLEAMING TEMPTATIONS line covers it all. I had the very pleasant opportunity to try all of the shades available – and trust me, that's a lot.

Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Colour-Swatches Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Swatch Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Swatches

What I love a lot about the lip glosses – and that's always the main interest to me when it comes to any kind of liquid lip product – is the applicator: a pure doe foot sponge absorbing enough colour from the tube and providing an easy application on the lips. That's what makes or breaks it! The glosses glide on smoothly and stay put for a good amount of time. If you're extra careful when having a greasy bite or drinking the recommended amount of water per day (2.5-3l), you should be well off with these for up to four hours – otherwise they're small and handy, you can re-apply them when- and wherever, the packaging is typically RBR and a real eyecatcher in public.

Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Colours Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Shades Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Red

But in the end it all comes down to one major point: the stickiness. Of course they're semi-sticky because you don't want the colour to just end up on your teeth or your chin, a certain stickiness is acceptable and those of the lip glosses provides a great deal of 'safety' around the mouth area, so you're all good to go and ready to rock any of the sixteen shades available.

Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Design Rouge-Bunny-Rouge-Lip-Gloss-GLEAMING-TEMPTATIONS-Red-Pink-Nude

Thank you very much, Anna, for your impressive packshots and swatches making it easy to find the right colour for the summer season. You can follow Anna on Facebook & Instagram to see more of her work including inspiring photography, travel pictures and beauty shots.