Tutorial: Our Gorgeous Summer Look ‘Chance’

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get our luxuriant summer look.RBR-Chance-Summer2014-Tutorial

‘Chance’ Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1. Create a perfect canvas. A combination of skincare and make-up base, the Original Skin Primer GENESIS will help you maintain a beautifully flawless skin throughout the day by smoothing the appearance of your skin, evening out your skin tone, minimizing the look of pores and increasing your foundation’s longevity.

Step 2. Get dewy-fresh skin. First, apply a small amount of the lightweight Tinted Moisturiser SKETCHES ON WATER that will even out the skin tone naturally.

Add touches of our Bronzing Glow Powder AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… to look kissed by sunbeams.

Hide imperfections by applying your favourite concealer and smoothing it on with great care.

Using a tiny amount of our Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION on your cupid’s bow and in the corners of your eyes, draw the light to your lips and eyes.

Step 3. And now for mischievous eyes. With the Eye Khol FELINE GAZE in ‘Vera’, a frosted, smoky blue-violet, create a delicate contour along the upper lash lines that you carefully blend out. Apply the Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Rufous-Tailed Weaver’ to the crease and to the lower lash lines and blend out. Apply the Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Rain Dove’ to the upper lids. Use the slightly taupe-shaded white ‘Alabaster Starling’ to create a highlight under the arch of your brows.

TIP: Blend thoroughly and use only a small amount of our highly pigmented eye shadows. You want to achieve a luminous, sheer, transparent finish.

Step 4. For a touch of edgy elegance. Apply the liquid Quartz Eyeliner DEVOTION INK in ‘Tanzanite Essence’ to the inner corners of your eyes.
TIP: To find your perfect liquid eyeliner, visit our Pro Library section.

Define your lashes with the Modelling Mascara WITCHERY in ‘Midnight’, an intense brilliant black.

Shape and fill in your eyebrows to create a full, modern shape. Comb with a spoolie brush to soften the look. To add a glistening just-out-of-water brow effect and to help hold the hair in place, apply our Eye Gloss SMITHEREENS OF STARS ‘Angel’s Play’ with short and feathery strokes.

Step 5. Add a pop of colour. With the light, gel-like formula of our Blush Wand CHEEKS IN BLOOM it’s easy to create a fresh, transparent colour. We suggest the fresh, cool rose petal pink ‘Vermeer’.

Step 6. Adorn your pout. Apply our Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT in ‘Prey of Lust’ with your fingertips for a daytime lip tint. For a more intense evening look, combine with a lip pencil.


You can also download a more detailed PDF of our tutorial here.
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