On The Blogs: Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipsticks

In this post, we want to share with you international bloggers’ reviews and swatches of our Sheer Lipsticks SUCCULENCE OF DEW and of our Colour Burst Lipsticks HUES OF ENCHANTMENT. Follow the links, please…

Sheer Lipstick SUCCULENCE OF DEW: In the blogs

In the Pro Library post earlier this week we have discussed our Sheer Lipstick collection, a range of flattering colours infused with a good share of an ultra-rich lip care.

Here comes a line-up of beauty insiders and their in-depth reviews of the range:

1. ‘Dark Juices’, a sheer, blue-toned plum with silver shimmer, as seen on DelicateHummingbird.

2. The Fabzilla shows you ‘Dissolved in Dreams’: a shiny, sheer watermelon red pink with a silver.

3. ’Fluttering Sighs’, a shiny tea rose warmed with a gold shimmer on KillerColours.

4. V Vasilina swatches ‘Murmurings’, the sheer, cool damson with a wet effect.

5. Karima of Shameless Fripperies features ‘Perfume Of His Gaze’, a glossy-effect, sheer, tanned nude-beige, in her gorgeous RBR video tutorial.

6. Finally, BFF Beauty Blog swatches and wears ’Tongue Tickles’, a shiny, pale carnation pink with a white shimmer.

Colour Burst Lipstick HUES OF ENCHANTMENT: In the blogs

Equally, our Colour Burst Lipsticks have a Pro Library post in their own right, and it’s absolutely amazing with a lot of info and advice.

Let’s see what beauty mavens say:

1. A beautiful swatch of ‘Irreverence’ on Sarah Hassans Blog.

2. Angela Ricardo swatches ‘Nothing Unknown’.

3. See ‘Prey of Lust’ compliment a bold fashion look on Lu Zieht An.

4. Shameless Fripperies swatches red lipsticks featuring ‘Raw Silence’.

5. The Russian blog Kar-Damon swatches ‘Scrumptiously Devious’.

6. And now ‘The Plot Thickens’ over at the BFF Beauty Blog…

7. ‘Unrestricted’ as shown by Bella Shmella.

8. Russian blogger Elia Chaba with stunning swatches of ‘Watch Out! Eve’ and other Colour Burst colours.

9. ‘Whim of Mine’ and ‘Word of Mouth’ beautifully swatched by Sarah Hassan. Lipsticks_March2014_CBL_Swatches

If you’d like to share your looks, tutorials, or swatches with us too, go over to the contact section of our Web Boutique and leave us a card or, better yet, leave a detailed review for a chance to win any product of your choice.