Perfect Smoky Eyes – with the Limited Edition Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN ‘Chronos’

There are many great techniques from simple to complicated, but with the RAW GARDEN palette you… won’t need a guide.

Smoky Eyes – Endless Variations

With the creaseless, stay-on texture of our iridescent Long-Lasting Eye Shadows, the rich palette of five fabulous muted metallics gives you creative freedom. Not a single colour is random – all five shades work beautifully with one another.

All colours can be applied wet and dry to achieve different effects.

The Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN in ‘Chronos’ is ideal for creating a multitude of sophisticated looks, but we have crafted the Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN with one make-up classic in mind. The colour quintet of ‘Chronos’ raises the bar for the smoky eye, enabling you to easily create a subtly shimmery, multi-dimensional effect that wows with just a tinge of colour.

Of course you can wear ‘Chronos’ colours alone or combine to your liking in order to obtain a variety of modern, effortless looks:

Use ‘Champagne Pewter Highlighter’ as an extravagant metallic base for your 50s or 60s inspired winged eyeliner.

‘Metallic Rosy Brown’ beautifies brown, black and hazelnut eyes both as an eyeshadow (dry application) and as a double eye liner (wet application).

‘Aged Bronze’ alone, used wet or dry, creates a perfect and effortless daytime look for green and hazelnut eyes.

‘Aubergine Gunmetal’ emphasizes the colour of green, hazelnut and very bright blue and green eyes.

With ‘Midnight Blue Gunmetal’ the colour of blue, brown and grey eyes is exquisitely enhanced. Apply ‘Metallic Rosy Brown’ above the crease and blend well towards the eye brows.


Soft Shade Combination / Daytime Look

Apply the lightest colour in the palette (the first shade on the left), ‘Champagne Pewter’ starting from the lash line and blend outward towards just underneath the brow bones. This creates a subtle base of shimmery colour on the lids.

Follow by applying the second colour in the palette (second to the left), ‘Metallic Rosy Brown’ onto the creases of the lids or just above the eye sockets in a back and forth sweeping motion.

Finish with several coats of the luminous black Magnitude Mascara ‘Titanian’.

To touch up this look for evening, apply ‘Aged Bronze’ (the centre shade in the palette) to the outer corners of the creases and blend inward towards the centre of the lids in a buffing, circular motion with your eye brush. Line the eyes with Satin Ink Eyeliner in ‘Dark Bay’ for a more dramatic effect from the inner to outer corners of the top lash line.

Dark Shade Combination

Apply one of the deepest shades in the palette, ‘Midnight Blue Gunmetal’ from the lash base and blend upward and out passed the creases of the lids to create a smoky steel toned base of colour.

Follow by applying the second deepest shade, ‘Aubergine Gunmetal’ to the centre of the lids just below the crease using a tapping motion. This creates multi-dimensional, smoky lids.

To intensify, smudge Eye Kohl ‘Salome’ along the top and bottom lashes and line the kohl pencil along the inner top and bottom water line.

Finish by applying several coats of Dramatic Lash Mascara ‘Oxblood Panache’ for a colourful yet subtle twist on this smoky look.

Soft & Dark Combination

Apply the lightest shade in the palette, ‘Champagne Pewter’ from the base of the lashes and blend up and outward towards the crease of the lids.

Follow by applying the third shade in the palette, ‘Aged Bronze’ along the lash line and smudging upward slightly as to create a diffused lined effect. Repeat along the lower lashes.

Accompany this look with Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tiger Eye Essence’ by dotting the liner closely along the top and bottom lashes and gently smudging to soften the look.

Finish with several coats of Magnitude Mascara ‘Almandine’.

The Eye Shadow Quintet Used Together for a Stunning Smoky Eye

Tap in and mix equal parts of the two deepest shades in the palette, ‘Aubergine Gunmetal’ and ‘Midnight Blue Gunmetal’. Apply to the base of the lash line and blend upward and outward, to just below the crease. Then apply this same colour mixture to the lower lashes by tightly smudging and blending your brush along the lower lash edge, from inner to outer corner.

Follow by applying ‘Aged Bronze’ to just the crease, sweeping your brush in a back and forth motion.

Next, dab the second shade to the left of the palette, ‘Metallic Rose’, onto the centre of the lid, right above the lashes.

Apply ‘Champagne Pewter’ to the inner corners of the eyes and gently blend inward towards the inner-middle part of the lid.

To finish this look, apply RAVEN GLAZE Lacquer Eyeliner along the tops of the lashes from inner corner and outward, flicking the liner at the end to create a ‘kitten’ eye effect.

Apply several coats of the luminous, deep black Magnitude Mascara ‘Titanian’ to the top and bottom lashes.

As you can see, you can have endless fun with all five shades, experimenting to your most mischievous pleasure. Please share your looks and your swatches with us – we love to see the endless varieties that you will create.

Let us know either in the comments below, on Twitter or on Facebook. Tag your looks with #rougebunnyrouge on Instagram for us to find and to share them.

Beguiling smokey eyes: Mascara Mix & Match with Jo Levy

With our RAW GARDEN Eye Shadow Palette, fabulous smokey eyes are quick and effortless. Let’s see how to maximise the seductive effect.

Jo Levy, our US team member and Director of Artistry & Education, has this quick step by step guide to brighten your eyes by using two different shades of mascara:

“First, apply a rich and even base coat of black mascara to the top part of the lash line by wiggling the wand in a zig-zag motion starting at the base of the lashes and moving upward. Repeat a few more times to build more volume if necessary.

Then, to create a multi-dimensional finish, apply a single coat of brightly coloured mascara to the tips of the lashes only. This neat trick gives lashes an ‘ombré’ finish while enhancing lash definition.

See here our Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES ‘Oxblood Panache’ in action.

Now we are Most Keen to hear your best advice and to see your creations.