Tutorial: Radiant Natural Look + Delicate Bronze Winged Eyeliner

Welcome to a new round of make-up tutorials with beauty bloggers.


Today Luciana Schmidt of Lu zieht an shares with us a very flattering, natural look – radiant complexion, luscious nude lips, eyes made big and bright – spiced up with a magnetic, shimmering, delicate winged eyeliner in bronze.

Follow her tutorial to this delicious daytime look that will make every day a special day.

The Radiant Nude & Bronze Look
‘Bright Eyes’
How to

Step 1
The foundation to this natural look is a smooth, evened out complexion without too much visible foundation or concealer.

Start with your favourite primer, according to your skin type. Next, add a touch of healthy glow and freshness with the Bronzing Glow Liquid – for added coverage, blend it with your favourite Tinted Moisturiser or Liquid Foundation, and set with the Impalpable Finishing Powder for a silky-soft finish.

Use your favourite Bronzing Glow Powder to subtly add contour to your hairline, temples, chin and cheeks, and Highlighting Powder in ‘Sweet to Touch’ to gently accentuate your cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

TIP: for more make-up artist advice on bronzer application, visit our Pro Library section. You are very welcome to ask questions in the Pro Library comments section.

Step 2
Create a scintillating, silky light colour ‘base’ with the Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Rain Dove’ by applying it to the entire lid and blending towards the crease. Highlight your lower lash line with Loose Glitter Pigment ‘Embrace of Cashmere’.

Step 3
Create a soft contour with the Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Chestnut-Napped Apalis’ by blending it into the crease.

Step 4
Now it’s time to apply your stunning eyeliner. Eye Khol in ‘Lola’, a rich and creamy metallic brown flatters all eye colours. Due to its delicate copper overtones, it won’t darken the eye area, adding to the bright, open look.

Step 5
Aligning with the overall radiant theme, the glossy black of the Magnitude Mascara in ‘Almandine’ is your perfect finishing touch.


Other products used:
Long-lasting Lip Pencil ‘Roald’ to colour the lips.
Colour Burst Lipstick ‘Nothing Unknown’, an opalescent, cool nude-beige with just a hint of muted mauve on top of the lip pencil.



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Luciana Schmidt, 24, make-up artist, blogs at Lu zieht an, which is a German title with the playful double meaning of „Lu dresses“ or „Lu attracts“.