Autumn Hero: Lip Care Q&A

We have created our Shimmering Luxe Balm DAZZLING SIP to offer you a truly multi-functional, multi-dimensional, hydrating, soothing, beautifying and, yes, quite decadent product.
With the colder days in mind, we have answered most frequently asked customer questions regarding lip primers and lip care, and put together the best (and quite surprising) application tips in this Q&A.

Did you know that our Shimmering Luxe Balm keeps winning us loyal customers who try it as their first RBR treat ever? Let’s find out what whimsy hides in this dainty black metal case…

Lip Care Q&A: Shimmering Luxe Balm

1. Can I use it as a lip primer?
Yes. You can use the Shimmering Luxe Balm as a primer for your Rouge Bunny Rouge lip glosses, lipsticks – and lip pencils.
Or just wear it on its own for a perfect nude pink pout.

2. Does it have any colour?
Yes and no; the balm is transparent, with a very luxurious, dewy pearlescent effect. It has no opaque coverage but its soft pigments will unify and smooth out the appearance of your lips while providing excellent lip care.

Here is a quote from a customer review:
“This lip balm – just perfection. It has a very pleasant aroma and unusual texture. It [shimmers like] gentle mother-of-pearl. It softens and nourishes the skin.”

3. Is it safe to use in autumn?
Yes; the Shimmering Luxe Balm’s creamy, emmolient-rich formula is infused with powerful Triglycerides, beneficial Rice Bran Oil and anti-oxidant Vitamin E. Aloe Vera promotes natural healing.
However, looking for a product to protect your lips during those truly chilly degrees of frost in winter, watch this space for an upcoming product relaunch (make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to not miss it).

4. Why is it so expensive (€24)?
Depends on what you look for and what you compare it with. The Shimmering Luxe Balm is not just another balm stick.
But if you're looking for a sophisticated formula and a product that will serve you in multiple ways (read on our "Application Tips" and you’re in for a surprise), for a product that will leave you feeling happy when you use it, and your lips feeling softer, smoother, fuller than before, then the Shimmering Lip Balm is… a steal.

Yes, you read right.

Luxurious lip care can cost you a lot more – if you look into really good, specialised products that provide anti-aging and hydration, promote healing, get your lips a healthy, long-lasting glow, all in a softening and soothing formula, like the Shimmering Luxe Balm does – you can quickly face price tags far beyond*.
* For example: Jo Malone Vitamin E Collection Lip Conditioner (€28), By Terry Baume De Rose Cream (€46), Serge Lutens Lip Comfort (€60), Sisley’s Confort Crème (€70).

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Customer Application Tips

1. Shimmering Luxe Balm doubles as lip gloss:
„It's a wonderful lip balm that doubles as a lip gloss, leaving the lips well nourished, lovely scented (the smell has as its base a wonderful, creamy vanilla) and with a touch of pearly sheen.“

2. Shimmering Luxe Balm doubles as Highlighter:
“Lacking my beauty case in the office, I’ve used it as a highlighter under the eyebrows and on my cheekbones. Looks so seductive in candle-light!”

3. Ageless & anti-aging lip care:
„The shimmer is soft and yet pronounced enough to make you look like you’ve fallen into a fountain of youth and emerged with those seductive, softly shimmering lips. … In my opinion it’s good for any age.“

– All application tips from customer reviews.

Make-up Artist Application Tips

Shimmering Luxe Balm application tips from Jo Levy:
“This great lip balm is a true make up kit staple for quick and effective finishing techniques.”

1. Shape your brows in no time.
The subtle shimmer will lift your eye area and make your brows look fuller.
2. Pat out excess (or too dry) concealer, however don’t go near your eye area if your lip balm isn’t sanitised.
3. Give a slightly glossy finish to your bare lashes after curling them.
Again: always make sure to sanitise the lip balm before it gets near your eye area!

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