A Pearlescent Treasure: Raw Garden Reviews

We’re tickled pink: our treasured limited palette receives such a warm welcome from beauty mavens all over the world.
Here is your guide to a variety of reviews, swatches and looks achieved with Raw Garden ‘Chronos’.

Playing With ‘Chronos’

“And treats all men, worthy or no, alike;
And Time dissolves not only visible things,
But eloquence, and what the mind hath wrought."
Petrarch, Triumph of Time

Starting off with this fabulous quote by Petrarch, Sara of Colour Me Loud adds this this statement and advice to her in-depth review:
For those of you who like metallics without being frosty, neutrals with a twist and who are in for a smokey eye with right amount of shimmer, you will love Chronos as much as I do. […] If you haven't tried the famous Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow formula but always wanted to, I think this is a affordable way and a good introduction to the brand. All in all thumbs up for Rouge Bunny Rouge's first palette.”

Bambi of BambikaiLand loves in particular that the colours are well-chosen:
“As a combination of colours, I feel these five work well together. I can easily create a workday look with the lighter three shades (I'm loving Aged Bronze, olives are right up my alley at the moment) but also rock a killer glam-tastic look for a night out with Midnight Blue Gunmetal.”

And what’s not to love about the Beauty Professor‘s description of the limited ‘Chronos’ texture:
“[…] refined, buttery-smooth eyeshadows, each possessing a delicate satin finish.  They are pigmented, unscented, long wearing and resistant to creasing.  All in all, pure radiance in a palette!”

While a few reviewers find the brightest shade too dark for a highlighter, on Beauty Squared the dark toned colour scheme has found itself a friend:
“I can't say enough good things about this palette. It has an excellent, creamy, highly pigmented formula which is on par with any other high end eye shadow brand like Le Metier de Beaute or Shu Uemura. Although the palette leans on the dark side, the tonal range is broken up with a variety of rich fall inspired hues, plus it has two good neutrals to tie everything together.”

While all reviews have great swatches and even looks, the swatches on Makeup 4 All shot in different light at different angles, really help understand the dimension of the ‘Chronos’ texture. Quote from Marina’s review:
“[T]his palette doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it is stunning, the eye shadows are very pigmented and the formulation is butter-like, smooth, silky and easy to blend. And long-lasting, of course. I also love that you get both cool and warm toned shades, so it is a perfectly balanced palette.”

Make-up artist from Sweden Jessica de la Torre would have loved the pans to wear the colours’ names on it, and when it comes to colours themselves and the texture, she remarks:
“[T]he colors are just beautiful and complicated (just how I like them), this makes colors to be harder to dupe and more interesting.
[Their] formula feels lot softer than the rest of my RBR eyeshadows and both of the lighter shades felt like melting when I was swatching them.”

Monika, a Francophile bookworm and beauty blogger at Rocaille Writes has cleverly noticed that “the fact that this first ever eyeshadow palette from Rouge Bunny Rouge seems to have an actual shade name (Chronos) vaguely suggests that maybe there are other colorways in the works; pretty please, RBR?

Providing a gorgeous swatch close-up, Karima of Shameless Fripperies names the colours “cloudy jewel tones with various degrees of pearlescence”. She highlights that the palette is not designed for bold contrasts, more for muted, hazy looks and adds:
“The textures are beautiful, some shades are very buttery (Aged Bronze and Metallic Rosy Brown) while others have a slightly dryer texture (Champagne Pewter and Aubergine Gunmetal) but it works to our advantage and allows for textural variation – no walls of shimmer here.”

Linda of Silverkis shares a classic look she created with ‘Chronos’ and remarks that she enjoys the palette very much, rocking different possibilities it offers:
“I wear it both as a light wash of color followed by a smokey wing, and all over the lower half of my lid.”

Karen of Makeup & Beauty Blog is inspired by the hummingbird design:
Metallics take flight in this five-pan palette of shimmers, which includes a beige, taupe, khaki, plum and deep blue.”
We will wait for the promised winged eyeliner look, Karen.

Kate of More like Space has found the most eloquent words to describe the new texture:
“[T]he heavy sparkle gives these powder shadows an almost dewy effect; there's something molten about them.”
Kate also shows several swatches and comparisons with other eye shadows, and demonstrates different looks, pointing out (to those of us with a few wrinkles around the eyes) that the metallic finish doesn’t look heavy on the yes. She concludes with:
“It's a great introduction to the world of rouge bunny rouge, but different enough that even hardcore fans [*cough*] will find something different.”

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