Raw Garden Q&A with Alexandra de Montfort

At Rouge Bunny Rouge it’s all about texture. We believe in make-up with great signature textures – efficient, versatile, easy to use and a sensual pleasure to the touch. It takes a lot of meticulous research and back-and-forth workflows to obtain such a texture.

With Raw Garden ‘Chronos’, our first Limited Eye Shadow Palette, we have introduced a brand new eye shadow texture, and in today’s post, RBR Founder & Creative Director Alexandra de Montfort shares a few insights about this Eye Shadow as well as a sneak peek at what’s to come in 2015.

Raw Garden ‘Chronos’: Q&A with Alexandra de Montfort

Q: Alexandra, why the launch of the new formula when the established Long-lasting Eye Shadows textures are a favourite with customers?
A: The ‘Chronos’ texture is simply different – that is the main point that needs to be stressed. It is by no means designed to replace the main line.

‘Chronos’ is a full colour mineral eye shadow with 40% of reflecting Mica and a mineral complex of Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Zinc Chloride and Sodium Chloride. I am stressing full colour because mineral eye shadows usually do not have full colour presence. The second emphasis is on the fact that ‘Chronos’ is a mineral eye shadow, and the main line eye shadows are not.

‘Chronos’ is also a wet and dry eye shadow and it has an interesting sensorial feel – a sensorial plasticity which our other eye shadows do not have. Their strength is in the softness and lightness of the touch, their smoothness and fluffy texture, and in having smoothing properties.

However, what both textures, the main line and ‘Chronos’ have in common are a very thin film, great pickability and blendability, and extended wear.

Q: How long did it take to find the texture?
A: Three years of search.

Q: Will the new texture be available in matt?
A: It can not be matt by nature of the product being a mineral-based, Mica-infused eye shadow.

Q: Will other, new Eye Shadows get the ‘Chronos’ formula?
A: No, as we will not do more colours or products with it, it is limited edition texture only, once gone it will be gone.

But we will introduce a new, third texture in an autumn 2015 limited edition.

Q: What is your favourite quality about ‘Chronos’, a colour, an effect?
A: To honour this great texture I need to explain my fascination for the extent to which you can modify the perception and the effect of a certain material.

Mineral eye shadows have a particular ‘span’ or zone of effect, and we have tried to push this standard perception of what mineral eye shadows can deliver; we wanted to extent the plasticity, the silky sensation on the skin and the colour pay off. I think we have succeeded.

Thank you, Alexandra!

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