Pro Library: Delicate, Dreamlike, DIAPHANOUS

RBR_Diaphanous-ProLibrary-ModelWhether you go for the dramatic, soft focus, Hollywood siren look or want just an invisible veil of perfection to enjoy a polished appearance all day long, look no further:
DIAPHANOUS makes your skin and your foundation look flawless; mattifying and illuminating it in the same time. 

We have been planning to publish this Pro Library edition much earlier but… we were positively overwhelmed by that bit of a stir that DIAPHANOUS has caused – it sold out within a few weeks.

Thank you everyone who loved and bought and reviewed our 2014 novelty making it one of 2014 bestsellers. Thanks to all of you who started the rumours that unicorns and fairies were involved in its making…

Today we’re very pleased to announce that DIAPHANOUS is back in stock now.

Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS

- Silica-based for oil control
- Ultra-finely milled for the almost airbrushed, “blur”-like effect and the undetectable texture
- Perfectly transparent and barely even visible for a naturally matt, silky veil finish on the skin
- Universal for all skin tones
- Mattifying with Evermat complex
- Soothing with Tetrapeptide Matrixyl 3000
- Enriched with illuminating Actiwhite complex to even out slightly irregular pigmentation
- Ultra long-lasting

What DIAPHANOUS isn’t:
- Isn’t giving your complexion any colour cast, neither white nor greyish
- Isn’t drying out your skin
- Isn’t giving you any “powdered”, lifeless look
- Isn’t adding any shimmer finish
- Isn’t setting into fine lines
- Isn’t showing in flash photography (when worn in one layer)

Many of you who don’t even like to wear powder will love DIAPHANOUS – like the Australian beauty blogger and video blogger extraordinaire Karima (Shameless Fripperies; screenshot above) who declared it her best of powder find of 2014.


DIAPHANOUS Dos and Don’ts with Jo Levy

Using RBR’s fluffy Powder Brush #001, tap into the mesh, pressing slightly to adhere the powder to the brush. Delicately tap off any excess and sweep over your tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation to set your look.

Concentrate your application over the T-zone: over the nose, chin and forehead as this formulation contains Evermat technology which helps to absorb excess oil on the skin while still allowing it to feel comfortable.

The powder will delicately illuminate the skin due to active brighteners infused in the formulation. I find that it also allows your make up to look air-brush perfect with a single sweep.

No need to dampen or wet this powder as it works best dry.

I also love to use Diaphanous Brightening Powder as an eye shadow base.

Sweep a sheer coat of the powder over bare lids using Concealer Brush #004. This technique not only prepares lids by creating a smooth and bright base but it also reduces texture issues such as fine lines in addition to any slight darkness or discoloration.

This trick is optimal for a quick and easy, natural look where you don’t want to apply multiple shadows and is also works superbly when you desire a more dramatic, smoky looks since it prevents shifting and allows your colour to stay true, longer.

Less is more lives true when applying this powder.
So be sure to apply a sheer coating vs. overloading your brush; a little goes a long way here.

DIAPHANOUS can also be used to give lips a matt finish over your favourite RBR lipstick.

For an ultra long-lasting, matt finish on the lips, dab over RBR’s Colour Burst Lipstick in Raw Silence for a classic, demi-matte red lip that will last for hours.

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  • grace

    Hi Karima

    Where and How can I purchase the rouge bunny rouge diaphanous powder? Can you please help me ?
    Thank you, GRACE

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge November 14, 2016 at 10:46 am

    Dear Grace,

    Many thanks for your comment. To purchase our Impalpable Finishing Powder, please visit our international Web Boutique We ship globally and have countless happy Australian customers!

    Warmn regards,