Winter Hero: Lip Balm KISS ELIXIR, Lip Care Q&A

Non-sticky, non-greasy, and water-free, the reformulated best-selling Lip Balm KISS ELIXIR unites the benefits of a nourishing lip balm with the comfort and pleasure of a lip cream.


Our water-free, winter-safe Lip Balm KISS ELIXIR is back with a new formula of a creamy, glossy balm. Enriched with Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Extract it’s made to soften, protect, and hydrate your lips throughout the year.
The new, subtle Vanilla scent beguiles the senses.

1. Can I use it as a lip treatment?
YES. The creamy balm can be applied as an ultra-rich lip mask, a gorgeous overnight ‘spa holiday’ for your lips. Apply before going to bed and enjoy the feeling of softened lips in the morning.
CUSTOMER PRAISE: “Best S.O.S. lip care I know.”

2. Is it glossy? Is it tinted?
It is shiny and would double as a delicate, colour-free, non-sticky lip gloss. The warm, acacia honey colour of the product does not add any tint to your lip make-up.
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3. Is it a special treatment for chapped, damaged lips?
Absolutely, yes. Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Shea Butter act like an immediate remedy while also providing more sustainable hydration.
CUSTOMER PRAISE: “You feel the moisture after days of using it, but you still use it everyday because it makes your lips look amazing, shiny and just kissed.”

4. What does water-free and safe in winter mean exactly?
Our KISS ELIXIR Lip Balm is completely water-free and at the same time pleasantly non-greasy. But why water-free?
The delicate skin on the lips hasn’t got the same natural protection layers as the skin on our face. Exposure to chilly wind and harsh weather causes more damage quicker to our lips than to our faces – and any water residue on our skin intensifies the damage. That’s why the combination of water-based skincare or lip care products and freezing temperatures is absolutely inadvisable.
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5. Can I wear lipstick on top of KISS ELIXIR?
Yes: apply a thin layer of Lip Balm to your lips to keep them hydrated and nourished before applying your lip liner and lipstick.
CUSTOMER PRAISE: “An amazing lipstick base.”

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