Meet The Artists: Anne-Lena Cox, Germany

We will talk about flawless and silky skin today with Anne-Lena, a make-up artist from Cologne. Her signature look: flawless complexion, naturally contoured; gorgeous full brows; glossy lips. But this glowing fan of the Cologne Carnival is also a master of very special make-up effects.

Meet Anne-Lena

RBR_MeetTheArtist_AnneLenaCoxAnne-Lena is a Cologne-based freelance make-up artist and lecturer at the Pro Academy Cologne working globally for fashion magazines, commercials and television, represented by 21agency.
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1. How do you define perfect, beautiful skin and what do you do to achieve the look?
For me, skin is beautiful when it looks silky and flawless.
A hint of gloss-like finish comes across as fresh and youthful. It’s vital to understand your skin type, and to create a perfect look with the right type of cleansing, skincare and primer products.
After the skin has been cleansed, I blend a primer with a few drops of Highlighting Liquidto keep the skin hydrated, while the light-reflecting pigments reduce skin flaws.
Next step: apply foundationremembering that less is more. The most beautiful effect is achieved when you use only a tiny amount of product and build up coverage only where needed, instead of applying too generously from the beginning.
Dark under eye circles and red areas are covered with a concealer. The Impalpable Finishing Powder is applied exclusively to those areas of the face that should look matt – forehead, chin, the sides of the nose.
Finishing touches: I like to add glossy highlights to the bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow and to the cheekbones with Highlighting Liquid.

2. Who would you love to do make-up for, and why (a living person or an icon from the past)? What look would you go for?
I’m a huge fan of Romy Schneider. She had beautifully full eye brows and an even complexion. Today’s trend looks would surely appeal to her.
I can imagine her sporting a tough but feminine look with a plum lip and heavily mascaraed eyelashes or a casual, undone look with very edgy smoky eyes in rusty reds.

3. If you were to add one new product to the RBR collection, what would it be?
On my wish list: a palette with creamy contouring colours – a silky texture with a subtly glossy finish.

4. What are to you the most dated look and the most modern look respectively? Why?
I think the 70s are passé. Looks that work on the runway don’t necessarily work in everyday life. Extreme coverage and extremely matte skin with brown lips and bluish eyeshadow are absolutely not flattering.
Statement lips are still a big trend. Burgundy reds and plums, really dark if you like – just keep in mind that dark colours tend to let your lips look smaller. Matching foundation is of course very fresh and light.
Infuse your primer or foundation with Highlighting Liquid for an instantly fresher look.

5. Would you share one particularly beautifying make-up trick with our readers?
To obtain a perfect foundation, thoroughly nurtured skin is essential, especially now, in winter.
Infusing your skincare or foundation with a few drops of the Highlighting Liquid will reward you with a fresh finish and visually reduced flaws.

Thanks, Anne-Lena!
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