The Exciting Metamorphosis – In The Blogs

To be suitably prepared for the Rouge Bunny Rouge 10th Anniversary in 2016, the Exciting Metamorphosis is taking place this spring, bringing you brand new RBR products, much-requested additions to the existing range, revamped bestsellers and brand new packaging.

We are over the moon to spot the first appearances of the new and reformulated products on international beauty blogs. Discover now the most detailed reviews and swatches of our new, reformulated, repackaged Lipstick Collection.

The Exciting Metamorphosis Unfolds…


We adore the comprehensive review with splendid swatches in different light that you can read on the blog Beauty Professor.

The author writes about the new design:
The “design now comes in a weighty, all black case with subtle floral embellishment... this fresh design brings to the Rouge Bunny Rouge line and I, for one, am enchanted with this design choice”.

About the colours and the new formula:
They possess a slightly shiny finish that is devoid of all signs of shimmer... refreshing, to say the least! The lipstick smoothly glides onto the lips, leaving them looking lush and healthy and I appreciate the fact that the staying power is formidable.”

HUES OF ENCHANTMENT Colour Burst Lipstick

On Perilously Pale, read the detailed review (with fabulous swatches) of the new reformulated and repackaged Colour Burst Lipsticks.

About the texture:
They feel very decadent and hydrating and offer several hours of wear. Rouge Bunny Rouge is skilled at creating universally flattering and wearable shades and these 5 lipsticks are a prime example of their genius. Lips look full and healthy thanks to the lovely sheen and quality pigment.”

In other news

We’ve also spotted the repackaged SKETCHES ON WATER Tinted Moisturiser sporting its new, sleek, matt dress on Chilexions in the Opera Ball Beauty Talk.

1 – The Beauty Professor. 2 – Perilously Pale. 3 – Chilexions

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