Beauty Experts’ Favourites: Winter 2015

Discover the latest in-depth reviews and expert advice.

On the blogs

1. Christa of Perilously Pale reviewed and swatched the reformulated Sheer Lipsticks:
„It’s sometimes hard to imagine an amazing thing made even better but Rouge Bunny Rouge has done just that with their repackaging and reformulation of their gorgeous Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipsticks.“

By the way, here’s a Sheer Lipstick customer review we are really proud of and love to share:
“Rouge Bunny Rouge remains the best makeup brand I've ever come across, phenomenal quality.”

2. Shameless Fripperies creator and YouTube-beauty vlogger extraordinaire Karima loves the renewed Sheer Lipsticks and dubs them ‘jellies’:
“Generally speaking, reformulations spur much anxiety within the makeup community but this time, it’s all good news: Rouge Bunny Rouge has reformulated their lipsticks and they are stunning. 

3. Angie of Vanity Rouge swatches our Long-lasting Eye Shadow in ‘Alabaster Starling’, noting it has “beautiful quality with excellent color payoff and blend-ability, making them an easy choice to wear day or night”.

To prove the point, she created a stunning evening look called ‘Bold at the Ballet’.

4. Alison of 10amBeauty loves our MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation in ‘Cashew’ for her skin with olive undertones:
“The texture is liquidy (water is the first ingredient), spreads across the skin quickly and requires little to no effort to blend.  Seriously. This stuff blends in right while I brush it on. It makes morning makeup way quick. The coverage is light-to-medium, the finish natural, and the overall look awe inspiring.”

Fragrant Notes

RBR Fine Fragrances have also grabbed the beauty mavens’ attention.

5. Amira, a VESPERS fan and blogger at Beauty Unearthly discovers CHATOYANT – and spoils us with the most glorious photoset fit for this capricious beauty.

6. The BRIDAL GUIDE chooses TENERA, our elegant Vanilla-infused Fragrant Confection treasure, as one of their „Favorite Non-Floral Fragrances For Your Wedding Day“.

7. Gio, the blogger behind Beautiful With Brains reviews ARCADIA, noting that it’s „full of contrasts. It’s ozonic and woody. Sweet and bitter. Hot and cold. Dry and humid. With a hint of spiciness thrown in for good measure.”


TV Appearances

8. NBC Chicago: beauty expert Candace Core chose TUNDRA and CHATOYANT as perfectly romantic fragrances and shared perfect application advice on how to apply your fragrant treasures for a date night.

9. Pix 11: green is a great colour for eye make-up, says Anna De Souza, a beauty and trend expert. Rouge Bunny Rouge Feline Gaze Eye Kohl in ‘Selene’ is one of her picks.

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