Meet The Artists: Marion Heinzelmann, Germany

Our popular series of talks with professional make-up artists continues today as we chat about splendidly defined eyes and gorgeous dewy skin with Marion, a make-up artist based in southern Germany.

Meet Marion

Marion enjoys her career as a freelance makeup & hair artist working on a variety of different projects: advertising shoots, editorial shoots, fashion shows. Marion is based in Munich.
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1. What's your definition of perfect, beautiful skin and what do you do to achieve the look?
For me perfect, lovely skin has a flawless look with a hint of a natural glow and not too heavy foundation. Ideally, skin should look evened out but bare.

To achieve just that, I dab on concealer very carefully and accurately, use only little foundation that I mix with the Highlighting Liquid Seas of Illumination.

2. If you were to add one new product to the RBR collection, what would it be?
A long-lasting product to define and to shape the eye brows, in a range of different shades and of flexible coverage.

3. What is the most modern look right now?
Glowy complexion, rosy cheeks, naturally defined eyes and a fresh, matt lip stain. My go-to look right now. Or flawless skin with a very flashy lip colour. Always a good choice, always modern.

4. What is your signature look?
Natural complexion, beautiful contour, subtle smoky eyes and nude lips.

5. Would you share one particularly beautifying make-up trick with our readers?
Simple but gorgeous – to intensify the lash line is a technique called tightlining. You define your upper lash line with a khol pencil, your eyes look more defined and your lashes look fuller.

Thanks, Marion!
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