Tutorial: Smoky Eyes + Terracotta Lips

Summer glow – oh, such a perfect canvas for a metallic smoky eye look, dark, intense and dramatic like a summer tempest. Pair the dark metallics with sensual terracotta shades for blush and lip colour for an elegantly naughty effect.

Smoky Eye & Terracotta Lip
How To

YouTube beauty blogger, photographer and make-up artist Marta Parciak aka Zmalowana had teamed up with BeGlossy to show us how to pair dramatic metallics and sun-kissed terracotta hues – using Rouge Bunny Rouge colours.

While she created this look with another season in mind, we feel that the warm, rich tones used on cheeks and lips are oh-so-fit for summer. So if you’ve ever wondered, “Tan and smoky eyes, does it work?” this might be the answer. (Via www.beglossy.pl)

The eyes are sculpted using the multi-faceted shades of our Limited Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN in ‘Chronos’.

Because this palette is designed with smoky eye looks in mind, its texture is particularly well blendable, smooth and silky, and you can easily create your own very impressive looks. Discover our make-up artists’ advice in the RAW GARDEN ‘TIPS’ section in our Web Boutique.
Products used:
Original Skin Primer GENESIS
Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATIONin ‘Sea of Showers’
Liquid Foundation MILK AQUARELLE in ‘Coconut Parfait’
Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS
Raw Garden in ‘Chronos’
Original Skin Blush FOR LOVE OF ROSES in ‘Habanera’

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