RBR Skincare: Mattifying Primer – for Silicone-Free Shine Control & Hydration


Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES

- A gentle, fluid texture that is instantly absorbed and can be worn both on its own on top of your moisturiser, unifying your complexion, or as a base
- Perfect in summer due to its formula made to deliver in hot and/ or humid weather conditions
- The skin-balancing effect will reduce the amount of foundation needed for an even more lightweight feel
- Anti-oxidant and skin-softening with Meadowfoam Seed Oil
- Hydrating and nourishing with Vitamin E
- Moisturising and soothing with Allantoin
- Tightens pores without any drying sensation
- Can be worn on lips and lids as a make-up base
- Gives your foundation product and your lipstick a matter, velvety, ‘set’ finish
- Free from fragrance

METAMORPHOSES free-from benefits:
- No fragrance
- No silicones
- No pore clogging
- No breakouts
- No shimmer / glitter
- No setting into fine lines

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