London Diary: 2015 London Guides That Excite

At Rouge Bunny Rouge we believe that every day is worthy of a soupçon of whimsy – we adore enchanting tales and the irresistible magic of a story told well. Today, let’s discover three stunning, special London guides that have given us quite a few sleepless nights of reading pleasure.

Let’s walk the streets of London by night, see London’s history come to life before our eyes and ultimately, have a healthy dose of workout – as we run the loveliest paths through 32 London boroughs.

“The city is at its most earthly and unearthly at night” 

A fascinating read in which we follow in the footsteps of famous night-walkers – Chaucer, Blake, De Quincey, Dickens – to discover London’s rawest, most unapologetic nature, Night Walking, A Nocturnal History of London by Matthew Baumont is a page-turner that truly excites the reader. Appropriately framed by a foreword and an afterword by Will Self, the beautifully narrated, intelligent stories flow and vibrate right through you, saturating you with nocturnal images and resonant ideas.
It is, in common book review parlance, unputdownable.

Night Walking, A Nocturnal History of London, by Matthew Baumont
Verso Books, 496 pages, get your copy here

“London is peppered with portals into historical
worlds – you just need to
know where to look” 

A time machine? Oh yes, please. Brought to you by historian, broadcaster and a true London expert Dr Matthew Green, London: A Travel Guide Through Time is the most intense, brilliant and lovingly illustrated series of time warps ever collected in one book. The curated selection of six extraordinary history periods lets us walk the streets of medieval and Shakespearean London, enjoy Victorian times (how glorious) and the arrival of the coffee houses – and shudder through the days of the Great Plague and the Blitz.

Dr Green is also the co-founder of Unreal City Audio – a producer of critically acclaimed live London tours as well as audio guides and apps.

London: A Travel Guide Through Time, by Dr Matthew Green
Penguin, 512 pages, get your copy here

“Runner specific travel info”

Exploring the City and outer London, the Runner’s Guide To London by running coach and author Hayden Shearman offers a lovely selection of over 120 running routes with mile-by-mile descriptions – sprinkled with training tips, interviews, running challenges and enticing photography.

Runner’s Guide To London, by Hayden Shearman
Trecho Publishing Ltd, 300 pages, get your copy here


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