Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Galina, Curious Russian in London

RBR-MeetTheBeautyBloggers-GalinaAchkasovaWe’ve created the interview series Meet The Beauty Bloggers to introduce you to some of the most unique blogging voices from all over the world.


Our today’s guest is Galina, the charming and highly educated founder of the UK-based beauty & culture blog Curious Russian in London.


Meet Galina

Galina’s blog covers a variety of subjects, including beauty & health, fashion, culture, travel, and much more.

RBR-MeetTheBeautyBloggers-GalinaAchkasovaIn her own words:
“Even though my educational background lies in finance, reading and writing are my first love. Having taken a leap of faith in 2007, I studied for a Postgrad degree in Journalism and started my own website, Curious Russian in London, soon after having my first child. I love to meet new people, discover new brands & products and write about anything that can help women feel more balanced and beautiful, as well as creatively stimulated. Integrity is not an empty word for me, so you won't find sponsored posts on my website.”

The blog: Curious Russian in London
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1. Galina, what’s beautiful skin to you and what do you do to achieve the look?

None of us are perfect but each one of us is unique and beautiful in her own way. I think the secret to beautiful skin is simple: get enough sleep; drink at least 1,5 of water a day; do some exercise that makes you sweat and helps your body detox more effectively; massage your face daily (it boosts the efficacy of your skincare); and get to know your skin, making sure that you use skincare products that are right for your skin type and your skin's needs in the moment in time, including monthly and seasonal changes.

What might work for your friend or is recommended by a magazine, might not work for your skin. Don't forget how important it is to look after your well-being and have some daily 'me-time'. Do that and your skin will 'reciprocate' by looking healthy and glowing, irrespective of your age.

2. What is your favourite RBR product and why?

I would say it is the poetically named 'When Birds are Singing' Long-lasting Eye Shadow, particularly ‘Abyssinian catbird’ – a bronzy colour that enhances my brown eyes during day or night.

I love the packaging that looks like a little objet d'art, and the fact that it is a luxurious but subtle shade of colour that stays 'put'. Another bonus is that the compact has a mirror inside its lid, so you can check and correct your make-up easily when you are out and about.

I also love RBR perfumes (LILT is one of my particular favourites because if manages to mix innocent and sensual notes perfectly). What makes RBR perfumes unusual is that they are evocative – they become part of your daily allure as a woman.

3. Which make-up artists do you find particularly inspiring and why?

I love Bobbi Brown because she was the first make-up artist who drew me into the world of make-up and appealed to my 'natural look' sensibilities. I also keep an eye on the work of Pat McGrath and Ellis Faas, because they are true visionaries who push the creative envelope and create dramatic make-up looks that draw you in, like works of art.

Gucci Westman creates dreamy looks that make me want to run to the mirror and try to achieve the same results. Sarah Froom has also left a memorable imprint in my make-up inspiration book, and Rose-Marie Bravo can always be counted on for honest advice and choosing the correct shade of make-up that will enhance your looks.

I also want to compliment all the amazing make-up artists working at make-up counters in-store at various retailers. Some of them are incredibly insightful and will help you find the right make-up looks, offer plenty of tips that you can use at home and empower you to experiment with make-up, making you more confident as a woman in the process. Make-up should enhance who you are, not hide it – but it does help that it can hide little imperfections!


4. What is your signature look?

I don't have a 'standard' evening signature look, apart from doing a glam, polished look that makes me feel like a beautiful woman – one rule that I have is to either focus on my eyes or on my lips, never on both.

As to my day look, I prefer a polished natural look. To achieve it in the morning, I generally use a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream, a little bit of bronzer and highlighter, blusher, concealer and lip balm or lipstick – red colour always makes me feel pulled together and in control of my own destiny, especially when I have work meetings or interviews. 

5. Would you share one particularly beautifying make-up trick with our readers?

While I don't use mascara during the day, I always curl my eyelashes in the morning, to 'wake' my eyes and face up.

Thank you, Galina! 

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