Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Wondegondigo, New York, USA

Our today’s guest is the lovely beauty maven nicknamed Bellyhead – the fresh voice behind the blog Wondegondigo. We’re in love with her hilarious wordplays and the thorough product reviews and swatches.

Wondegondigo’s Beauty Wonders

In her own words:
“I am a beauty fan living in New York and in love with luxury products!”

The blog: Wondegondigo, RBR reviews
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1. What was the first ever RBR product you have used? What was your impression?

The very first product I tried from Rouge Bunny Rouge was a sample of the Seas of Illumination in various shades. I went through enough little jars to end up purchasing a bottle of Seas of Tranquility, a perfectly delicate pink toned liquid highlighter that adds the most incredible and dimensional glow. I was completely in love with the beautiful packaging of each Rouge Bunny Rouge item, whether it’s the frosted glass of the highlighting liquids, or the intricate embossment of the powders in compact items.

2. Which make­up artists do you find particularly inspiring and why?

I admire Jung Saem Mool, a Korean makeup artist well known for creating looks for many Korean celebrities. She is the K-beauty goddess! Everything is about precision in application (which I love observing in her YouTube channel) and creating depth and complexity to features. Who knew using and layering multiple products create some of the most subtle and simply perfecting eye line! While I don’t have those kinds of skills nor precision, I’ve learned many techniques.

Another artist I respect is Lisa Eldridge. She’s the original YouTube guru, and a veritable expert. I love how she makes both technique and products all completely accessible for people newly interested in makeup. She uses drugstore/ high street and luxury products and shows how to create every-day looks and editorial looks.

3. If you were to add one new product to the RBR collection, what would it be?

More shades to the When Birds Are Singing eye shadows in the matt formula! These matt shades are what I always recommend when people ask me what I love from RBR.

In the current matte shade range, they are incredible workhorses to complement every eye look. These are some of the silkiest formulas I’ve ever used in a matt eye shadow and they sit beautifully on the skin without any hint of chalkiness. I need more shades!


If I can request one more item, a killer eye brow item in the perfect ashy cool shades across light to deeper colors. These are incredibly hard to find from any brand that is readily accessible!

4. What do you consider respectively the most dated look and the most modern look? And why?

I think the most dated looks are the ones that don’t allow our natural features to shine. There’s always a time and a place for the theatrical artistry, but looks that look painted on with no hint of natural skin and features will be ones we look back on a decade or so from now and say, “Woah, that is so 2010’s.” But, I do think references to a specific era can look incredibly fresh and beautiful when interpreted with our own twist without being costume-like.

For me the most modern are the ones with beautiful skin with soft glow, eyes softly enhanced with hint of definition and deepened lashes. I adore bright blushes because with the right soft application, it further enhances what looks like beautiful skin!

5. Would you share a particularly beautifying tip with our readers?

Add a liquid highlighter to your routine. It is so versatile! On most days, I use sparingly on the high points of my face to catch the light in the most subtle way, but on the days I really want the rest of my face to have some glow, I mix it directly into my foundation and apply all over. I don’t like overtly obvious highlighting, but a liquid highlighter is an incredible tool for enhancing skin!

Thank you, Bellyhead! ;)

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3 thoughts on “Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Wondegondigo, New York, USA”

  • anatu13

    One of my favorite bloggers, and one of the big reasons I got into Rouge Bunny Rouge! Thanks for all your great swatches and reviews!

  • SoSuSam

    How wonderful to read Belly's comments on RBR! I love your products and her reviews, so the combination is perfection.

  • Hailey

    I agree, a brow product by Rouge Bunny Rouge would no doubt be incomparable to other brow products on the market! Especially in an ashy, almost grey shade.