Niche Rising: Our Esxence 2016 Report

Every industry event should be as enjoyable and inspiring as the annual Esxence show. Today we’d love to share with you five major niche perfumery trends that we could experience this year in Milan.

Niche Perfumery Trends:
Esxence 2016

Fragrances that evoke clean softness and sensual purity, like cotton and cashmere, were abundant this year.

If you loved our collectible ceramic flowers, you’re gloriously en vogue: we saw many different designs of fine ceramic scent diffusors.

Another fragrant trend are rich oriental perfumes, with a clear highlight – oud. Oud-centred fragrances and opulent oud blends are still very much on the rise.

Imagery gains importance. Many brands focus on visualisation of their olfactory creations – with photography and illustration.

Flowers – prints, artwork, you name it – were ubiquitous. And we loved it!

What are some of your favourite fragrance trends of 2016?
Tell us
your favourite trends in the comments* below.

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29 thoughts on “Niche Rising: Our Esxence 2016 Report”

  • Klara Antsova

    My new trends are Tundra and Chatoyant from you, because I love their scent. Chatoyant is my tipical date fragnance, 'cause my boyfriend love it too, he tell me that I smell like a dangerus woman and he really lke it. And Tundra is my every day fragnance, because I have fresh feeling.
    From other brands i use long time Tom Ford - Velvet and Black Orchid, Giorgo Armani - Si... but the top for me is Tundra. Don't leave home without it. I admit, I am addicted.

  • Anna

    Oriental and woody tones are the winner for me.

  • Laura

    I'm loving the clean and chic trend. Personally I've been very into fruity and light scents, also my new favorites ambrette and sapodilla notes. Scents that remind me of pears also bring a smile to my face. It's Spring like, light, girly, clean and yes - chic again. At least to my nose!

  • Elli

    My favorite fragrance trend is the recent popularity of niche fragrances. Some recent releases have been very unique and modern.

  • Christine G

    Vespers has been my favorite all along! I love woods, musks and pepper with floral scents. It takes me back to another time when I wear it.

  • Floragal

    Well, I can say I'm very happy the oud trend is on it's way out! At least it seems to be.
    The lipstick scented fragrances is a trend I can get behind, as well as scents with a version for hair since I always put a little perfume on the back of my neck so it gets into my hair.

  • Amanda St. Amant
    Amanda St. Amant April 28, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    I love the Arcadia!!! My favorite smell of all, I love it that it lasts all day and I get tons of compliments on it. I feel SEXY & SULTRY when I put this on!!! Love love it!!!

  • Liz

    Orientals are in again? Thank God! I know we had a couple of winners in that regard in the early 2010 but it seems like everything's been a sweet yet clean gourmand lately.

  • Chad

    There have been a couple of really interesting and complex florals in the last few years, definitely much more modern than what most people think about when they think about old grandma-y florals!

  • Hailey

    I personally can't get enough of the recent uprising in perfume with a hint of blood orange! My favourite RBR perfume is Chatoyant, though. Beautiful and elegant.

  • Jemma

    Loving the trends for scents that evoke memories or moments, inspired by places and every day happenings.

  • Ernestine

    I love deep amber or sandalwood fragrances. I try to buy niche perfumes - I don't want to smell like everyone else.

  • Sarah Saunders

    Love the sound of Agarwood! Quite enjoy a well blended Oud but intrigued by the Agarwood so would love to try it!


  • Sonia

    A nicely balanced warm oriental perfume is always a winner for me.

  • Larkin

    Rawr, I love Embers!

    I live in San Francisco, and so I get to experience a lot of the independent perfumers' work... I think a modern trend, especially over here, is literally telling the customers a story of the perfume - and your company is doing spectacularly well at that already! I think on the West Coast there is a deep love of spicy, warm, smoky scents: it's a small, but beloved niche. Hence my obsession with Embers. :) Love your work!

  • Joanna

    I think the rise of unique scents from niche and indie brands is definitely one of the top trends in 2016. Before, most of the fragrances people wore were from department store brands. Now, we have all these options!

  • Dollie Solanki

    I love scented accessories. They help me create a unique fragrance story for myself as well as my home. I love my home to have an individual fragrance (just like mine) and adding scented accessories not only helps me add aroma but also creates a beautiful visual that is pleasing to the eye.

  • Jin

    I agree very much with the multisensory experience. Photography and illustration, that is engagement from the visual front, is important, but so are the descriptors. Well thought out evocative descriptions are something that you all do very well.

    I'm also glad to hear that oud is continuing to be a trend! Oud strikes me as very sexy and not at all feminine. Very nice when I want to feel fierce but not ladylike.

  • hannah

    I'm loving the resurrection of rose and vanilla scents in new and interesting profiles. I would be overjoyed if RBR were to create a vanilla-centered fragrance!

  • Sachie

    Clean chic scents are great for everyday wear but it's so hard to find the perfect one! Hopefully I'll find a new favorite this year.

  • Karen

    I adore the clean trend, not so much a fan of floral patterns and the like though (RBR is the exception!)

  • Valerie H

    Is it odd that I'm drawn to complete opposites in fragrance notes? Sometimes I'm all about the clean, fresh vibe...but when night rolls around, give me the sexiness of agar wood.

  • Natalia

    I'm a real fan of of unusual wood scents with flowery notes — oud and white flowers, figs and sandal.
    Serge Lutens Feminite du bois is my latest favorite.

  • Natalia

    I'm a real fan of deep wood scents with a light touch of flower mist — oud and white flowers, sandal and figs, cedar and vanilla.

  • Petra P.

    I'm all for botanical aesthetics, like moss and fern! But what I really enjoy is when there is a story connected with the perfume. It makes all the difference. I specially like when these stories are based in folklore, mythology and other (fairy)tales, it gives the scent the aura of otherness. And that's something everyone enjoys, especially when the reality is too much to bear. Just one sniff and you are carried away into another world and for a moment you escape the mundane reality.

  • Linda

    One of the biggest trends I'm loving is the ability to layer different scents to create my bespoke fragrance. I love each of the fragrances I own, but sometimes, depending on my mood, I like to add in a dash of spice, a bit of wood, or maybe a bit more floral.

  • Britta

    I'm in love with clean fragrances and this Spring I'm a huge fan of all rose - scented + vanilla.

  • Sara@ColorMeLoud

    I am loving the green herbal trend this season for a twist on fresh by being earthy and sometimes bitter.

  • Rouge Bunny Rouge
    Rouge Bunny Rouge May 18, 2016 at 11:52 am

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