Bloggers about SKIN SOUL DROPS Foundation Essence

This brand new foundation formula has provoked quite a few highly thorough reviews.

“Second skin feeling”: Foundation Essence
Reviews & Swatches

A novel, concentrated pigment, Foundation Essence can be blended with any moisturiser, serum or face oil – discover now what beauty bloggers think about blendability, coverage, colour match and comfort of wear with different skin types.

Let’s begin with swatches of different shades on different skin types – oily, normal and dry.

According to the German beauty blogger Lovely Catification, ‘Miriam’ works on oily skin without powder + + + Cruelty-free beauty blogger LoveLeti samples ‘Miriam’ with GENESIS (perfect match for pale skin with yellow to neutral undertones) and with two different moisturisers to test oil control in her RBR First Impressions video stating that she hasn’t been “this impressed by a foundation in a while.” + + + Buildable but never cakey: Marina of Makeup4All swatches ‘Miriam’ and ‘Lalla’ and explains what primer it works with best + + + More lovely ‘Miriam’ and ‘Lalla’ swatches on the German beauty blog Lullabees + + + Dry skin? Have a look at the in-depth review after two week testing period by lovely Sarah of Color Me Loud who also offers comparison swatches with luxury beauty brands + + + Or follow the tip of Roberta Lister of London Beauty Insider who blends her Foundation Essence “with the brand’s own super-hydrating Aqua Primer.” + + + Finally, wondegondigo highlights in her SKIN SOUL DROPS review with swatches and a look the soft and velvety feel on the skin, great longevity of wear and, packaging-wise, the mess-free dispenser + + +


More thoughts about colour, texture and wear.

All three SKIN SOUL DROPS shades are swatched on pale skin over at Best Things In Beauty + + + A quote from Rakhshanda Chamber of Beauty swatching and wearing Foundation Essence in ‘Lalla’: “It feels so lightweight and comfortable on the skin like my second skin. It gives a semi-matte finish that I love. It does cover blemishes, spots and even pimples, hides dark circles and give such a refreshed look to your complexion. The best thing is that you get the effect without having a cakey appearance.” + + + Discover even more ‘Lalla’ swatches on Chicprofile who praises “impeccable wear” on combination skin and Silverkis who blends it with GENESIS for “ideal shade, coverage and finish” + + + In her post and video review “13 Glowy Foundations for Spring” The Beauty Professor presents and swatches SKIN SOUL DROPS in ‘Lalla’ and says: “Even though it feels really light on the skin it imparts immense coverage” + + + Beauty blogger with a keen eye for perfect beauty photography, Emily Loke has worn ‘Lalla’ and here’s her colour matching conclusion: ”I tried the drops in Lalla, which is the medium shade with yellow undertones. Though it is much too dark for me straight out of the bottle, once I mixed a couple drops into my sunscreen (which has a white base) it wasn’t too far off at all. I blended it down my neck just in case, but I think you can tell even by looking at my chest in photos that it turned out to be more than a decent match.” + + + Finally, our friend, former Director of Artistry and make up artist extraordinaire Jo Levy swatches and wears ‘Lalla’, reminding us that: “For those that are ingredient conscious, please note that this formulation is free from cyclomethicone, fragrance, preservatives, parabens and is cruelty-free.”

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  • Hailey

    I was hesitant about this because I always thought these pigment essence formulas would look really cakey, but the reviews are in and this one apparently isn't! Very exciting!