Meet The Artists: “Whoever made this brush deserves an award”

Our guest today is RBR make-up artist Veronika Sorfova from Prague.
Having worked with models and rock stars, she loves art and appreciates the transformative magic of cosmetics.

Meet Veronika

In her own words:
“I am a beauty and art lover. My family has been always surrounded by art. My grandfather was an academic painter and true bohemian – French school, my father is an antique furniture restorer and my mother an accomplished jeweller. With such heritage, there is no surprise that I chose the path of makeup artistry 17 years ago.“

„During my career as a make-up artist I’ve touched a thousand faces – celebrities, actors, singers, musicians or models for fashion shows or photo shoots. When friends are asking my husband what my job is, he says the make-up artist that worked with Ozzy Osbourne during his tour, or with the Christina Aguilera dancers. It sounds like fun, but for me the biggest accomplishment is an ordinary woman whose natural beauty I’m able to highlight and who I’m able to transform into whoever she desires. Even though I’m spending summers shooting films, I enjoy working for RBR and using their sophisticated products.”

Veronika’s portfolio website | Instagram | Facebook Fan Page

1. Veronika, what was the first ever RBR product you’ve used? What was your impression?

The very first product was MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation and I was absolutely excited. Not just a perfect foundation for my sensitive skin, but also a staple in my make-up bag.

2. What is beautiful skin to you and what do you do to achieve the look?

I prefer the look of a naturally glowing and healthy skin. To achieve the look I always use the Highlighting Liquid either on top of the foundation or simply by adding a little drop to the foundation before applying.


3. What is your favourite RBR product and why?

My favourite is the Original Skin Primer GENESIS, it is a “must“ for a clean, perfect canvas. This is the most important step of the whole make-up application. And mustn’t forget to mention the Blender Brush 016, whoever invented this brush should get an award.

4. Which make-up artists do you find particularly inspiring and why?

Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic, beauty bloggers. I’m also finding inspiration in art, from historical paintings to modern design.

5. Who would you love to do make-up for, and why (a living person or an icon from the past)? What look would you go for?

I would like to work with Helen Mirren and to create the most perfect red lip; also with Amy Adams – for an ideal nude beauty look.

Thanks, Veronika!
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