[Pro Library] Long-lasting Brow Liner & Brow Expert Gel


One of our most popular blog series is the Q&A or Pro Library in which we discuss novel formulas and new products and address frequently asked questions.

Long-lasting Brow Liner Q&A

Q: Is the Long-lasting Brow Liner a mechanical pencil? Is it retractable?
A: Yes, the Brow Liner is a retractable mechanical pencil – that you don’t need to sharpen – with a very fine tip.

Q: How do I choose between ‘Trona’ and ‘Antimony’?
A: ‘Trona’ will suit most natural hair colours, even most shades of red hair; ‘Antimony’ is for dark and black hair. If in doubt, please get in touch with our customer service.

Q: How is the texture of the Long-lasting Brow Liner, is it soft or hard?
A: It’s perfectly balanced – the wax-based formula and instant pigment release allow for minute application.

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Brow Expert Gel Q&A

Q: The two formulas are different, but can they also be layered?
A: You could apply ‘Earthshine’, which is the tinted and fibre-enriched formula, on top of ‘Airglow’, which is the growth treatment and hold formula, but not vice versa. 

Q: How long should I apply ‘Airglow’ to grow back eyebrows?
A: It depends on the individual growth cycle of the hairs, but generally you should see results after four weeks of daily application.

Q: My brows are sparse, how do I apply ‘Earthshine’ to add thickness and volume?
A: Simply apply the gel to the natural eyebrow – the tinted gel will let the fibres adhere to the hairs creating the appearance of fuller brows, immediately. If you’ve got patchy or over-plucked areas, fill those in with your Long-lasting Brow Liner first.

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