The RBR Beach Club

What’s summer in the Enchanted Garden like? All ladylike, walking under white laced parasols? Or daring, like swimming with the mermaids at night? – Surely our make-up artists have a few ideas on how to render your beach beauty look unforgettable.

1. Soft and clean. Too much exfoliation is not so good for our skin. It’s much better to make a habit of proper, super gentle cleansing using a micellar water with added anti-aging and soothing benefits like our Gentle Cleansing Water.

2. Nude smile. Don’t get us wrong: we love make-up. On the beach however… particularly lip glosses aren’t a great idea in the sun. Treat your lips to a little plein-air lifestyle and adorn them (after sunset) with Long-lasting Lip Pencil for flattering lip colour that doesn’t fear any party mischief.


3. Get a ‘bodyguard’. We know you never forget to wear SPF when sunbathing, swimming, or partying on that chic sports yacht. Add allure to your look – while offering your hair and skin some welcome extra protection – by choosing a chic summer hat.

4. Audacious beauty. Try (and share with us!) the SUMMER NIGHT SYMPHONY beauty look: sparkling, shimmering shades of gold and blue adorn a sun-kissed, flawless and glowing complexion.

5. Smell the summer. Surprise your friends with a signature summer scent that errs on the side of unexpected. CYNEFIN plays with masculinity and fragility, marine and absinthial notes to create olfactory excitement.