“It’s All In The Texture”

Our latest product launches reviewed by some of our favourite beauty experts – a round-up with swatches, beauty looks, and strong opinions.

RAW GARDEN New Shade: ‘Caliche’

Launching ‘Caliche’, we promised you a texture so soft and light that it almost applies itself, and here’s what the beauty experts say:

From the review on Best Things In Beauty: “Delivers a sense of transparency despite the intense pigmentation and the pleasant silky, melting sensation during the effortless application.”

The German beauty institution Beautyspion (beauty spy in German) says:
“Easy to apply and to blend, even with your fingertips.”

Emily Loke created a stunning beauty look using hot pink lipstick and ‘Caliche’ eye shadows, adding in her review: „They melt into each so easily that you can be fast and loose with them and still be guaranteed a polished end result, an attribute that makes them ideal for everyday wearability.“

Finnish beauty blogger Laura Loukola, too, is quite pleased with the texture:
“I knew RBR makes impeccable powders, especially mattes, but this formula has
extraordinary satin-matte finish.”

New Tinted Primer:
SERENE LIGHT Skin Perfector

Instant rejuvenation – such is the secret superpower of our newest primer.

Mary of Nuts4Stuff wore Skin Perfector blended with a few drops of Foundation Essence to find out that her “complexion was brighter and almost surreal in how alive [her] skin looked.“

‘Glacier Flower’

Our team think that the new shade of our Brightening Liner Duo for expressive, big, bright eyes is the next best thing to coffee in the morning.

BeautyProfessor about ‘Glacier Flower’:
“Simply brilliant.”

From the Beautyspion review: “Absolutely delighted” +
“great colour for my fellow pale beauties!”

Mary of Nuts4Stuff reviews several novelties,
stating that Eyes Wide Open “adds instant polish”.

German beauty blogger Spylista says that
‘Glacier Flower’ is “a must-have that you can’t miss”. 

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