Hedonistic Reflections: MUSE

In our new series HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS, a masked perfumer will talk about each of our fine fragrances from a professional point of view – she starts by carefully dissecting MUSE, our sparkling chypre from the Fragrant Confections collection.

“MUSE is the smell of the female body in the moment of intimacy.”

“The tender whisper of white flowers ­– Jasmine, Gardenia – followed by the pure, musky, exposed warmth.”


“If it was a dance… MUSE would be ballet, but not classic. It would be a fierce, captivating pas de deux; bodies swiftly moving with precision.”

“The piercing chypre structure of MUSE is striking, erotic, with a slightly powdery vintage touch.”


“If it was a photograph… It would be black and white. I envision Marilyn Monroe, dressed in a white 50s bathing suit, reading a book and deliberately looking way too innocent.”

And what is Your MUSE like?