New In: ARCANE Limited Crystal Edition

Launched exclusively as a limited edition solid perfume, ARCANE is the first majestic masterpiece from our new Crystal Edition.

Just like gold and platinum ores gleam in the darkest depths, arcane and strange, wonderful dreams hide in the subconscious, waiting to be unearthed.

ARCANE – the design

This Woody Oriental presented in a luxuriant, heavy crystal bottle comes in a white lacquered case that bears resemblance to a very elegant Victorian musical box.

The bottle itself – adorned with a delicate silver rim and an engraved stopper – is reminiscent of decanter-like perfume flacon designs of the Victorian era. A crystal wand to apply perfume is enclosed.

ARCANE – the fragrance

Flecked with gold, this pearlescent solid perfume melts on your skin releasing a lingering, rich, mesmerising veil of exotic notes:

Sweet, dark, exquisite top notes:
Vanilla, Spices, Saffron

Passionate, dangerous, contrasting heart notes:
Cistus, Incense, Amber

Quiet, contemplative, warm base notes:
Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood