Hedonistic Reflections: “The mystical anointment – ARCANE Concrète de Parfum”

HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS of our masked perfumer: understanding the arcane.

This elegant, carafe-inspired crystal bottle was designed to accessorise your vanity table in an unapologetically luxurious Neo-Victorian manner. Presented in a gorgeous white lacquered case, ARCANE is a great symbol of Eccentricity, of Sensuality, of the Unpredictable.

 And now we shall let our mystery perfumer speak.

Solid perfume develops unlike a classic Eau, and of course it behaves differently on the skin of each individual wearer. The skin warms the waxy solid that in turn, lingers for a very long time very close to the skin like an exquisite, tender veil.”

The flecks of golden shimmer are a nod to the Ancient world, when fragrance, presented in solid form, was deemed both magical and mysterious.”


“The key notes here are Saffron and Vanilla, instantly bursting forth as you lift the stopper – but never quite leaving. These two are sweet, luscious, dreamy, yes, but with undercurrents that are dangerous and animalic.”

“Woody and oriental, ARCANE reminds me of a David Lynch movie – darkly beautiful, tantalising and impossible to grasp. There is nothing logical here, just the raw expression of visions and dreams pulsating under the surface of a strangely appealing aesthetics.”