Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Lipstick and Confetti, Canada

With buoyant posts and videos about fashion, food, beauty – and in particular about lovely festive looks, Lipstick and Confetti is as good fun as it sounds.

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Q: Liz, what was the first ever RBR product that you’ve used?
A: The first RBR product I used was the LOVES LIGHTS Highlighting Powder in ’Goddess’. Initially I was impressed with the super luxurious packaging. The highlight itself is really nice too. It gives a soft glow to the skin and applies effortlessly.

Q: What is beautiful skin to you – and what do you do to achieve the look?
A: For me radiant, glowing skin looks most beautiful. I believe radiant skin starts with the right skincare routine. I like to use lots of moisturizing, radiance-boosting products when I cleanse my face. When it comes to makeup, highlighting is key. I think it gives a really nice, healthy looking glow to the skin.

Q: What is your favourite RBR product and why?
A: My favourite RBR product would have to be the Alchemy Long-lasting Brow Liner. It makes my brows look super defined. The formula is so easy to apply and it lasts all day without rubbing off. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my brows since using this.

Q: Which make-up artists do you find particularly inspiring and why?
A: Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown are two make-up artists I find to be especially inspiring. I really like that Charlotte Tilbury is all about making women more confident. Bobbi Brown is especially known for her neutral approach when it comes to make-up, which is a look I am particularly fond of. Both women are very successful and really great role models.

Q: What is your signature look?
A: My signature look would definitely be classic. I really love more neutral shades when it comes to make-up and love to sport a red lip when I’m looking to change things up.

Thank you, Liz! ;)

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