Hedonistic Reflections: “Milky, peachy, sweet – CHATOYANT Eau de Parfum”

Today’s HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS comes in silky and sweet.
But our mystery perfumer knows about the exotic depths of CHATOYANT.

 “The butterfly
perfuming its wings
fans the orchid
– Matsuo Bashō

Our masked perfumer shares:

“The enticing soft contrast that makes CHATOYANT so special is that of warm, peachy skin playing against the lightness of sweet coconut milk.”

“CHATOYANT shimmers on your skin like an opalescent jewel, sending wave after wave of delicious warmth and sweetness to excite your senses.”


“The lightness of CHATOYANT is only a veil, an aura, a first impression. On the outside she may appear light and inspired, but inside she’s a powerful creature, wondrous and capricious, deep and unexpected.”

“The CHATOYANT woman will know every detail about the latest catwalk trends and about the gods of ancient Egypt, will be equally intense about a charitable cause and a fascinating man – and she will pursue each of her interests with zest. Each of them…”

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