[Pro Library] RBR Make-Up Artists’ 5 Enchanted Eye Shadow Tips for Everyone


1. Professional-looking results

Even crease-proof eyeshadow can create some fallout when you’re going for a very bold, smoky or a very glitter-heavy look.


To keep your eye make-up artwork professional and tidy, do this: dust a little bit of the Impalpable Finishing Powder DIAPHANOUS to your under-eye area and have a brush dipped in DIAPHANOUS handy to fix any mishaps.

2. Find your favourite formula

Find which formula works best for you, depending on your eye shape and your personal preferences.


Pressed eye shadow is a classic; practical, easy to use, especially for beginners. RBR pressed eye shadows are particularly lightweight, buttery-soft, highly blendable and very long-lasting: Long-lasting Eye Shadow or Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow.

Cream eye shadow can double as a primer for elaborate looks or be worn on its own for a bold statement look. RBR Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow and Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow can also be blended to create custom shades. Applied with a fine brush, they double as sophisticated liquid liner.

Loose eye shadow is the most versatile formula that can be used in many different creative ways. Beginners might find it messy, but formulas like RBR Loose Glitter Pigment that come with a professional applicator are easier to apply and have great adherence, meaning they won’t crease and ruin the look.

3. Understand the idea behind those duos and quartets

Eye shadow palettes have colours designed to work together. While you are free to apply each shade just as you like, most palettes are designed for particular looks:


Shown here are the palettes:
Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN
Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow

4. Play with putting together your own palettes

As you master your signature look and become aware of what colours you prefer, why not put together a palette of your own?


If our Duo and Trio Keepers are not enough, why not get yourself a Surprise Eye Shadow Palette in 'Phanes'– a luxurious, limited edition black quintet keeper with a large mirror and five gorgeous shimmering Long-lasting Eye Shadows including: One stunning highlighter shade, three smoky iridescent neutrals, and one best-selling frosted shimmer that enhances any eye colour.

5. Master the art of make-up brushes

We have more articles with more advice on this in our Pro Library series, but you truly don’t need many brushes in your beauty arsenal, as this Enchanted Cheat Sheet shows:

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