Tutorial: How To Wear Red Mascara

Discover our burgundy red mascara look tutorial along with advice on how to take this beauty look from weekday to wedding reception.

Who doesn’t want their eyes to look radiant and intense?

Leave it to fabulous shades of wine red to enhance your eye colour for a stunningly beautiful, magical look. All you need to take care of, is fresh, natural-looking complexion.

How To Wear Red Mascara


★ Apply Skin Perfector (with or without a few added drops of Foundation Essence) for custom coverage and a naturally luminous, fresh, healthy look.
★ Use Luminous Skin Wand to cover up any redness or darkness.

Monochromatic Wine Red Base:

★ Using simply your fingers, dab Blush Wand in ‘Rubens’ – a cool, buildable sangria red with a translucent and powdery finish – on to your eyelids, cheeks and lips.

Sparkling Highlight:

★ Give a classic winged eyeliner a miraculous twist using our best-selling Quartz Eyeliner in ‘Tanzanite Essence’, a sparkling cool blue.



★ Apply ‘Red Nightfall’ (Modelling Mascara WITCHERY) or ‘Ruby’ (Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS) to your upper and lower lashes root to tips with upward, outward movement, let dry and apply a second coat.

5 Minute Evening Glam:

Make your winged eyeliner bolder by elongating and widening the existing shape.
★ Apply one more coat of burgundy red mascara to your upper lashes.
Create your own “candlelight effect” by dabbing Bronzing Glow Liquid onto your cheekbones, décolleté and shoulders for a seductive glow. The active-packed texture is lightweight and transparent with absolutely no orange cast whatsoever.

Feeling inspired?

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