Hedonistic Reflections: “A Powerful, Serene Take on Chypre”

Today’s HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS beams us into wild, pristine, sacred forests, as our masked perfumer talks about modern chypres and smoky herbs.

Serene and solemn, SILVAN was created by Jacques Huclier. The French master perfumer is known for intensely seductive as well as for gourmand fragrances. For RBR, he transformed a classic chypre formula into an unexpected spicy, woody ode to serene wilderness.

Our mystery perfumer shares:

“Unlike many recent chypre variations, SILVAN is nether light, nor innocent, nor gourmand – it’s majestic and pure.”

“While a well-defined chypre, SILVAN is richer, calmer, a shamanic experience. Into the wild we go. The clean mountain air flickers with sunlight and magic, as we climb higher, the smell of herbs and moss tingles the senses. The pristine forest is a sylvan cathedral, with the ancient trees for walls, and we experience a sense of freedom like never before.”

“Smoky, peppery notes of wood give away a solemn presence. This forest is a wild, beautiful home to sacred forces of wisdom. We are welcome here.”


SILVAN Eau de Parfum is available as 50ml or 100 ml bottles and as part of our DISCOVERY COFFRET Fragrance Sampling Set (which comes with a €45 voucher redeemable on any RBR fine fragrance full size purchased within 90 days after buying the Fragrance Sampling Set). 

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