Mature Skin Make-Up Myths & Pro Tips [Pro Library]

There are a few things to avoid at all costs as we age.
But none of them is make-up.

Authentic beauty is beauty that’s true to your self. Why should a make-up artist who’s never seen you be the one to tell you what colours to avoid?

At RBR, we don’t believe in aligning our make-up with our age, we believe in aligning our choices with our individual preferences. So we’re always happy to bust beauty myths regarding the dos and don’ts. This time around, the make-up dos and don’ts for mature skin.

Skincare – Your Best Foundation

True for all ages: investing in an individual skincare routine is more important than choosing a foundation product.

At RBR, we add powerful active ingredients to all of our products, and with Foundation Essence you can simply add as much coverage as you like to your favourite skincare or favourite primer. While it’s true that too much matt finish or powder can make your skin look dull and dry, if you need an extra touch of finishing powder, try our loose Impalpable Finishing Powder – it’s weightless and packed with smoothing, brightening and naturally mattifying actives.


When it comes to choosing foundation products, go for light, blendable textures that will not crease or set in the finest lines. Always choose natural finish over too “dewy” or too matt.

Highs and Lows

Have you been avoiding highlighters for the fear of their “magnifying glass” feature – namely for highlighting the appearance of pores and lines? The ultra-fine shimmer particles of our award-winning Highlighting Liquid won’t do that. With three colours to choose from (white gold, pink gold, neutral tawny gold), enriched with antioxidants, the Highlighting Liquid creates luminosity and a forgiving soft-focus effect.


Generally, choosing products with a natural finish creates a great canvas for any colour experiments. With a light-reflective tinted primer, a bit of natural contour and a de-puffing concealer that reduces under-eye darkness, you easily achieve a naturally flawless-looking complexion – at any age.

Lips & Cheeks: Amp up the Volume

As we age, the skin on our cheeks and lips naturally becomes more thin. Make-up artists suggest to opt for cream blush and neutral lipstick colours (no bright, no matt shades) in order to counteract this effect. This sounds quite limiting. Is it really true?

To an extent, yes, it is. Matt colours create shadows and minimise features visually. Volume, on the other hand, is created by adding light to a surface.

So naturally make-up products with volumizing effects come in gentle, soft colours – a warm beige, a sweet coral – and with juicy finishes as opposed to matt, just like the delicious shades of our Tinted Luxe Balm, a product infused with actives that restore lip elasticity, volume and colour.

Tinted Luxe Balm Sheer Lipstick Rouge Bunny Rouge On the left: Tinted Luxe Balm, on the right: Sheer Lipstick – products packed with reshaping and volume-enhancing active ingredients

However, there is no need to ban bright and saturated lip colour for good. Lipsticks with moisturising and volumizing active ingredients and sheer textures, like our Sheer Lipstick, create a pop of delicious colour with a glossy finish.

When it comes to cheek colour, the same simple matt/dark vs. luminous/bright rule still applies: matt dark colours create hollows, luminous bright colours create volume, whether you prefer powder or cream.

RBR_blushwand-originalskinblush What’s important is the richness of pigment and the transparency of the product: whether it’s our Blush Wand or the Original Skin Blush, the colours ranging from neutral to bright are complex and interesting, the textures are buildable and made to blend seamlessly.

Eyes – Only Neutral Beiges?

Is it true that mature skin doesn’t look great with matt or sparkly eye shadows? We think that the answer is your personality. Too much of a matt or sparkly effect can quickly look overwhelming on some women, but then work just wonderfully for others, no matter the age.

What’s way more important is choosing quality eye shadow formulas that don’t crease, don’t set in the fine lines and don’t make your eyelids look heavier, loose and “crepey”. Don’t get into the habit of priming your eyelids with foundation, it only adds an unnecessary layer to the skin, opt for long-lasting eye shadows instead. (In terms of colour, we’re partial to choosing those that make you feel good.)

An important detail are the brows and lashes. They tend to get thinner and lose some of their natural colour with age: modern, ultra-fine brow pencils will help your gently highlight your eyebrows. If you’ve never tried brown mascara before, try it now for a fun “no mascara” look.

RBR-eye-shadow-eye-brow-products-mature-skin From left to right: RAW GARDEN Eye Shadow Palette, Big Lash Mascara (in ‘Golden Charcoal’), Long-lasting Brow Liner

As always, don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments below. Our make-up artists are happy to help.