How to: A Natural Contour Look, the Effortless Way [Pro Library]

By Jo Levy, RBR Director of Artistry & Education:
When it comes to contouring and shaping the skin, there are so many over-done looks that I find make it difficult to either re-create or simply bother with due to lack of time. This can make the whole idea of contouring quite overwhelming! With the new launch of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s new Natural Defining and Contouring Liquid SHADOW PLAY, there is no more guesswork required to create a soft yet shaped look that feels and looks natural.

Natural Contouring Made Easy
By Jo Levy

The biggest point of difference is the creamy, air-light texture that glides onto skin, giving you an ample amount of time to blend onto the skin. The slightly cool undertone emulates a softer effect on skin that can be layered for your preferred intensity. The rounded, soft sponge applicator provides both precision and acts as a gentle buffer, blending the cream along the skin without much effort.


Squeeze a pea-sized amount of product from the sponge applicator and buff onto skin, applying along the underside of each cheek bone and blend up and outward towards the temples for an instant lift. For a softer finish, follow by gently patting and blending out with fingertips.

Extra tip:
For a long-lasting, luminous finish with a natural highlight, prime your skin using SERENE LIGHT Skin Perfector prior to shaping the complexion with SHADOW PLAY Natural Defining and Contouring Liquid.


Squeeze between a pea and dime sized amount from the sponge applicator and begin by placing three, small dots along the top of the forehead: one along the top of each temple and one at the center top of the forehead. In circular motions, buff each drop along the edge of the hairline and then downward towards the center of the face.

Proceed by applying a dot (pea-sized amount) to each side of the cheek, closest to the ears and blend using the buffer inward back towards the cheek.

Finish by applying another pea-sized dot at the bottom edge of the chin and blend back and forth along the underside of the chin.


SHADOW PLAY Natural Defining and Contouring Liquid can also be used on the lids as a soft, matte bronze eye shadow, either on its own or as a base to additional shadow.
Simply dab a small amount from the applicator onto your finger and sweep back and forth onto the socket of the eyelid for a defined finish.

Extra tip for the body:
Use SHADOW PLAY to minimize the look of tan lines and strap marks.