Pitti Immagine Fragranze 15 – Review and Impressions

With niche brands from Europe, America, Australia and Middle East, Fragranze 15 has gathered some of the most innovative and brilliant brands in selective perfumery.

Trend: Lightness
Oriental fragrances continued to stun us with their new delicate softness that emerged not so long ago and continues to find glowing fans. But also mineral notes were light and crystal clear, patchouli was fluid and transparent.

Trend: Intensity
But dichotomies are delightful, aren’t they? And so we were more than happy to discover many juices distinctly on the dark, rich, intense side.

RBR-Pitti2017-Enchanted-Garden Plant and flower decorations at Fragranze 15

Trend: Tuberose & Osmanthus
Floral queens of the show were Tuberose and Osmanthus: making their regal appearances in opulent bouquets, in soft and powdery scents, or even in quite experimental settings.

Trend: Mild-mannered Rebel
Niche fragrances can be quite intellectual and hard to approach, sometimes provocative, and in rare cases even downright disgusting – almost like an act of protesting scents perceived as “too commercial”. This time, however, the smooth, warm and cosy woody florals, often with sweet or creamy gourmand notes were absolutely beautiful and accessible.

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