Hedonistic Reflections: “A Cosy, Candle-Lit Wooden Cabin”

Our masked perfumer’s HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS conjure the arrival of those colder, shorter, crisp days when warm sweaters, hot chocolate, and golden candlelight mean infinite joy.
RBR Fine Fragrance perfumer's review SILHOUETTE

Nathalie Lorson is a prolific perfumer working with the world’s most famous luxury brands.
Her RBR oeuvres bear her signature of magnetic sensuality laced with pure elegance: MUSE, TENERA, TUNDRA – and SILHOUETTE.

Our mystery perfumer shares:

“SILHOUETTE evokes images of a night in a cosy wooden cabin. It’s cold outside, but inside, candles are burning and warm plush plaids are at hand.”

“The warm spices of the opening caress the senses with a brief spark of tender rose petals before they melt into a milky, woody base with a strong powdery sillage.”

Raw and refined energies lead a fascinating olfactory dance.”

RBR SILHOUETTE fragrance pyramid top heart base notes

SILHOUETTE Eau de Parfum is available in 50ml or 100 ml bottles and as a sample/ miniature (the product page has a drop-down menu to choose your preferred bottle size from).

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SILHOUETTE is the fragrance of our Pearlescent Ink beauty look:


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