[Pro Library] Light Corrective Eye Primer Q&A

Super-lightweight, our brand new Light Corrective Eye Primer PRISTINE LIGHT was designed specifically to help diminish the look of pigmentation issues around the eyes while softly illuminating the lids.
In this post, RBR Director of Artistry & Education Jo Levy explains how to use this tinted eyelid primer to take your beauty game to the next level.
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Jo Levy answers your questions:

Q: How do I apply the Light Corrective Eye Primer?
A: Use the flat sponge applicator attached to the tube. Squeeze a drop out onto the surface of the sponge and place a few dots on the lid directly from the applicator. Blend the primer out, from the lash line towards the brow bone. For professional results, you can blend using RBR Large Shader Brush 003.

Q: Is PRISTINE LIGHT an eye shadow base or a concealer?
A: Our eye primer is skin treatment and illuminating primer in one, enriched with healing, soothing botanical actives such as Pansy Extract and Witch Hazel. PRISTINE LIGHT is versatile and can be layered underneath any cream, gel or powder based eye shadow – as well as underneath your favourite concealer.

Swatches and Tutorial Light Corrective Eye Primer PRISTINE LIGHT

Q: Is PRISTINE LIGHT shimmery or sparkly?
A: Not at all; it’s light corrective – a gently tinted fluid that illuminates and brightens the skin. Try applying Light Corrective Primer PRISTINE LIGHT onto the inner corners of your eyes and just underneath the lower lash line for instantly more open, brighter eyes.

Any more beauty tips?
Yes, please!

5 Light Corrective PRISTINE LIGHT Beauty Tips
By Jo Levy

To instantly brighten the eye lids, dab 2-3 dots of Light Corrective Eye Primer PRISTINE LIGHT onto bare eye lids, beginning at the centre of the eye lid and buffing down towards the lash line and then upward towards the brow edge. This ‘clean’ eye effect allows for brighter looking eyes as darkness and pigmentation around the eyes is instantly minimised. This serves as a wonderful, no-fuss, everyday option for those on the go.

As a base to eye shadow application apply as described above. Then proceed with layering and sweeping your eye shadow colour of choice onto lids to allow for a smooth application that looks fresh for hours and won’t transfer or shift if you have oily lids. When creating a smoky eye, Light Corrective Eye Primer PRISTINE LIGHT will instantly intensify any shade of eye shadow and prevent any colour fading.

How to apply Light Corrective Eye Primer PRISTINE LIGHT

To intensify shimmering textures, apply as a base and then create a light catching, shimmery eye shadow by applying Fire Drops (in the shade of your choice) as a thick liner along the top lash line, then gently buffing out the line in a sweeping motion using RBR Mini Shader Brush 005.


To allow for long lasting eyeliner wear with a water-resistant finish, apply Light Primer along the top lash line and buff upward towards the centre of the lids. Follow by lining eyes with our Eye Kohl or Lacquer Eyeliner.

Layering PRISTINE LIGHT over key areas on the lids will help bring the eyes forward. For example, apply to the brow bone, inner corners of the eyes and the very centre of the eyelid using your fingertips for a wide-awake and lifted effect.

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