Meet The Beauty Bloggers: Laura Loukola, Finland

Our today’s guest is Laura from Finland.
Her beauty blog is defined by beautiful photography, meticulous reviews and step-by-step tutorials.
RBR interview with Laura Loukola of Laurantaina Beauty Blog

In her own words:
“Illustrator from Finland with a passion for high quality make up, skincare and Japanese brushes.”

Laura Loukola, Laurantaina Beauty Blog:
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Q: Laura, what is beautiful skin to you – and what do you do to achieve the look?
A: To me, perfect skin isn’t about camouflaging or hiding all of your flaws, but enhancing your natural features and letting them shine through. I prefer covering only what I need and letting the rest of the look stay natural. Sounds boring, but healthy lifestyle choices, like not smoking, and a proper skincare routine are the basis for a beautiful skin. I recommend gently exfoliating and finding a good looking foundation for your skin type and skin colour.

RBR Original Skin Blush range, photography by Laura Loukola of Laurantaina Beauty Blog

Q: What is your favourite RBR product and why?
A: This is a hard choice as I adore the eyeshadows and blushers, but if I had to pick it would be the Impalpable Finishing Powder in ‘Diaphanous’. I even did a dedicated post how I use it every day for setting my under eye concealer or diminish the appearance of pores.
But the MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation is a close second.

Q: What is your signature look?
A: A natural, skin-like and luminous complexion, defined eyes and focus point on the cheeks: either a peach or pink on the apples of the cheeks or a gorgeous nude blush like ‘Starina’ or ‘Habanera’ to define my features. I have hooded eye lids, so I feel especially important to contour my eyes with a matte eyeshadow like ‘Chestnut-Napped Apalis’ no matter what colour I apply on the lid.

Laura Loukola of the Laurantaina Beauty Blog "Perfect skin isn’t about camouflaging or hiding all of your flaws, it's about enhancing your natural features and letting them shine through."

Q: Would you share one particularly beautifying make-up trick with our readers?
A: Even if you have troubled skin, I prefer a sheer or buildable base and pin-point concealing instead of masking yourself with foundation. Except if that’s your look, you do you.
Find a full coverage concealer in your skin tone and use a mini brush to spot-conceal. If you need to add more coverage, gently press a tiny bit of translucent powder with an eyeshadow brush to the spot, then dab another layer of concealer with your concealer brush. Keep building until you’re satisfied with the result.

Thank you, Laura! ;) 

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