Hedonistic Reflections: “A spark of Spring in the heart of Winter”

RBR hedonistic reflections TUNDRA

The Arctic winter reigns supreme in this month’s HEDONISTIC REFLECTIONS. Or does it not?

Our mystery perfumer shares:

“Tundra. Icy cold wind, harsh and strange nature, a landscape as forbidding and dangerous as it is surreal. Top notes strike you as cool, invigorating, fresh.”

“But as we wander through this incredible world, we realise that in fact, it’s not Winter. TUNDRA has a spicy, woody, comforting, almost sweet warmth to it.”

RBR tundra fragrance pyramid

“Cedar lovers adore TUNDRA for its streamlined elegance – its discreet sillage makes this fragrant oeuvre your perfect daytime and office companion.”

“The symbolic spring season, the abundance and the persistence of life are the true message of TUNDRA.”

TUNDRA contains no phthalates, no parabens, and is suitable for vegans.

TUNDRA is available as:
- 50 ml or 100 ml Eau de Parfum natural spray, always with a complimentary Perfume Purse Spray included
- 2 ml Eau de Parfum sample spray

RBR TUNDRA artwork poster

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