March Equinox: Welcoming A New Season

March Equinox: Welcoming A New SeasonTime for an update of our beauty routines: five tips to welcome textures, colours and smells of spring – for us in the Northern hemisphere.

1 Update your evening routine: with the arrival of the warmer season, many can skip the overnight treatment and go to sleep barefaced.

2 Less is more: now is the season to get back to those lighter textures in skincare and make-up ­– silky, weightless, barely visible.

3 Something new: try something you have not dared to try before, for it may as well become your new favourite – an extravagant shade of lipstick, a bold fragrance perhaps…

4 There are those frustrating days in March when winter doesn’t seem willing to go. Lift the spirits by booking a beauty treatment, a massage or a manicure – this is guaranteed to make you feel better.

5 Shelf life check-up: go through your beauty treasures to determine whether you need to bid farewell to some and to replace them.

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