Meet The Beauty Writers: Elisette Magazine, Slovakia

Our guest today is Betty Molnárová, editor in chief of Elisette, an online magazine “where life meets style”.
Meet The Beauty Writers: interview with Betty Molnárová, Elisette Magazine, Slovakia

Hello Betty!

In her own words:
“Elisette is a magazine where life meets style. It’s written by industry professionals which are real women and have real needs; they can talk about hot fashion trends and are able to provide useful beauty tips.”

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Q: Betty, what was the first ever RBR product that you’ve used?
A: The first ever product I’ve tried was a primer by RBR. Back then I was surprised not only by how perfect it works, but also by its beautiful and elegant packaging. And after years, I’m still obsessed.

Q: What is your favourite RBR product and why?
A: My personal favourite is the Natural Defining and Contouring Liquid SHADOW PLAY. For me it’s a game changer, and I always wear it when going for a natural or no make-up look.

Q: Who are some make-up artists you find particularly inspiring?
A: Make-up artists at Elisette are always a great source of inspiration for me. They have an unlimited imagination and are always able to rewrite the definition of perfection. Except Elisette make-up artists, currently I like to follow the art of Petr Simon Fridrich – make-up artist with Tom Ford Beauty. I like his interpretation of modern women and the feminine looks he creates.

Q: What is your signature look?
A: My signature look? It’s easy, I’ve been wearing it for years and I still love it! It’s flawless skin, a face naturally contoured and well-shaped brows. Then I always wear black liquid eyeliner and mascara. And that’s pretty much it! ;)

Q: Would you share one particularly beautifying make-up trick with our readers?
A: I believe that there’s no trick. The most important for me is to have a working skin care routine in order to have a beautiful and healthy skin. It lets any make-up look perfect.

Thank you Betty! ;)

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