Midsummer Magic Looks: Night & Day

The summer solstice season is upon us, darlings. Festive midsummer traditions exist in so many countries from Austria to Brazil, from Italy to Iran, from Spain to – famously – Sweden. Here is some enchanting make-up inspiration to feel the magic of Nature as we step into the time of nights getting longer.

Midsummer Magic Looks: Night & Day

Midsummer Night (on the left):

Cool colours look especially vibrant on sun-kissed skin in summer. Hot pink and elegant blue with a sparkle define this look. The matching fragrance is Cynefin conjuring images of a lush green island and its wild watersides.

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Original Skin Blush ‘Orpheline’ | Long-lasting Eye Shadow ‘Mountain Bluebird’ | Sheer Lipstick ‘Jasmine-weighted Air’ | Quartz Eyeliner ‘Tanzanite Essence’ |

What does “Cynefin” mean?

Midsummer Day (on the right):

Warm nude tones, bronzed highlights and a black cat eye – a perfect, easy and flattering look. The matching fragrance is the purring, sweet, delightful Chatoyant.

Felines and orchids: Chatoyant

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Tinted Luxe Balm ‘Pinch of Nude’ | Lacquer Eyeliner ‘Raven Glaze’ | Highlighting Liquid ‘Sea of Showers’ | Blush Wand ‘Manet’ |