Meet The Artists: Andrey Drykin, Russia


Meet Andrey

Our guest today is Andrey Drykin, photographer and make-up artist from Russia. His job took him around half the (beauty) world across Russia, Europe and the USA, and his work is found over 70 covers of international fashion magazines.

We sat down with Andrey to discuss our customers’ and blog readers’ questions.

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– Andrey, many readers would like to know this: what are your best tricks for a 5-minutes/ express kind of make-up?
– Well. you should take good care of your skin to begin with. Healthy, clear skin is your best canvas. If you’re really pressed for time, use a minimal amount of products. Even out your skin tone first – I recommend SERENE LIGHT. It’s a gently tinted primer that will instantly illuminate your skin. Next step is powder, loose, compact, transparent or tinted, this is entirely up to you and the coverage you want. And then: mascara. If you really need to rush out the door in two minutes, and your make-up needs to be really quick, then you got to pick just one product to define your eyes, and it’s certainly mascara. As a final touch, add just one main accent. Pause to examine your look in the mirror. What would you prefer today? Blush, bronzer, highlight, or maybe a pop of colour on your lips? Choose and apply the the product. But if you chose something else than a lip product, don’t go with bare lips. They always need a touch of skincare, the skin is too fragile to go unprotected.


– Another reader question: what are the beauty essentials for an urban dweller?
– First, choose something to correct your skin tone. Depending on your needs, it can be a foundation, a concealer, or a powder compact. If your skin is naturally even and smooth, you’ll love to have a highlighter in the texture of your preference. Then of course no make-up bag is complete without a mascara and a lip product. I recommend having two kinds of product: a colourless lip balm, lip oil or lip cream and a tinted product, like a gloss, a tint or a lipstick. I always highlight the importance of lip and eye contour care for these are the most fragile areas of the face.

– In our „anything goes“ day and age, what are the main differences between day and night make-up?
– Let me first tell you that the human face is a bit like mosaics: it consists of micro areas that all have a different colouration, and a foundation is here to even out the tone, to unify it. Very often however a face that’s evened out too strongly will be seen as unnatural. Therefore I call for embracing a natural aesthetics and not pursuing the goal of a 100% coverage. Keep that light multi-tone quality visible, this goes for daytime and evening make-up alike.
Now on to the question, the main difference between day and night make-up lie in the texture longevity and the precision of application.
Let’s have a look at the individual steps.
Step one – prepping your skin using a primer. Always start with a primer.
Next – evening out the skin tone: I recommend subtly tinted textures for daytime make-up, but choose whatever you’re most comfortable wearing. Liquid foundation is a must for evening make-up – apply using a sponge, a synthetic brush or your fingertips. While daytime make-up is more forgiving, complexion make-up for night-time should be as evenly apply as possible, by blending it by patting it into the skin using a sponge. Because liquid foundation is thicker and more opaque, the smallest blending flaws are highly visible.
Next up is concealer. During the day this is a step you can skip if you like to, but for your night make-up it’s a must. Use it to lighten up the area underneath the eyes as well as the nasolabial folds. You need this step because the bright, cold artificial light underline any shadows.
Contouring is appropriate on any occasion, but of course you vary the intensity.
Night make-up needs powder – apply it with a large brush, concentrating on the T-zone. During the day you need it to add coverage and to mattify your skin. At night you need it primarily to set your liquid foundation.
Blush goes for day or night, but at night choose an intense colour.
When it comes to eye and lip make-up, the main difference lies in the coverage and the colour pay-off. Use your favourite textures during the day and choose long-lasting textures for the night – maybe even use a lip and eye make-up primer.


– What do you think about the popularised “anti-ageing make-up”: are there any techniques that work, or products, textures to look for?
– “Anti-ageing” make-up exists and it is closest to daytime make-up: delicate application, perfect blending, keeping the appearance of your products as invisible as possible.
This kind of make-up is designed to conceal very specific visual changes, mostly of the areas that appear sagging or have lost their contour – that’s why you’re often find people say it has a “lifting” effect. Let’s have a look at the basic techniques.
Primer and complexion products are applied with upward movements. Move the colour accents to the upper half of the face to visually “lift” your features.
If your skin is prone to capillary damage, don’t use blush. If, on the other hand, your skin looks rather matt and lost the radiance, choose a subtle blush colour and apply it to the area slightly above the apples of the cheeks.
When you use highlighter, opt for the subtlest, finest application.
My lifehack: blend one to two drops of RBR Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION with your day cream and apply. This adds the desired radiance to the very base of your make-up, turning it into a very sophisticated, very healthy looking “lit from within” effect.
When choosing a powder, follow your individual needs: while someone may be able to conceal their larger-looking pores with powder, others will find it highlights their dry skin in an unfavourable manner.
For eye and lip make-up, choose long-lasting textures and err on the lightest side with your application. You want to go for natural and lasting. For example, you can use a lip liner instead of lipstick: define the centre of your upper and lower lip and then fill in the lips without defining the corners of the mouth.

– And finally our last question: why choose a niche beauty brand?
– Niche make-up is interesting because it’s fairly unique and targeted towards a smaller group of potential consumers. To put it plainly, this is where you can find unconventional and interesting formulas that suit your needs best. Often a niche brand has an aesthetic and en emotional concept that you may love – or not. Niche make-up is ideal for modern women looking for the opposite of mundane, for something that suits their style perfectly.

Thanks, Andrey!
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